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Apr 30, 2008 08:16 AM

Happy Hour?

Any tips for Happy Hours with good small plates around the Loop or Mag.Mile?

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  1. Sounds like you're going to NTI too? At last years NTI, one bar tender joked that he didn't realize how much nurses could drink! And when the drinks are free...well..LOL. I try to save a few bucks on happy hour by staying at the Embassy Suites in whatever city NTI is being hosted in that year. They provide the free daily cocktails, and then I save a bit of my money to put towards dinner later!

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      Yep, heading out to NTI. And I haven't been in Chicago for 15 years or so. Did a GREAT Pubcrawl last year after NTI in Atlanta (Manuels, the Limerick (?), Euclid Ave Yacht Club and Vortex. But NOLA wins, hands down, for post NTI fun. Can't wait till it is there again, next year.

      1. re: TraveLoveRN

        Where's the conference, I would love to meet some nurses having fun on the town.

        Loop happy hours tend to get packed quick (traders finish the day at 3:30). However, just a short cab or walk away are tons of options.

        One of my favorites--a 5 minute cab West of Loop into Greektown for the rooftop at Pegasus on South Halstead. There are also a ton of other bars and restaurants in a five block radius around there. Search

        Just north of the loop there are many options. Again thinking outside first and moving from reasonable to more expensive: Citizen on W Erie & Orleans, The Kerrryman on W Erie at Clark, Brasserie Ruhlman on W Superior at Kingsbury, and Japonais on W Chicago at the River.

        If it's cloudy or chilly still consider all of the above, but add English on N LaSalle at Illinois and Rockit on W Hubbard at Dearborn.

      1. re: mai_world

        That website is a load of hooey - it seems to think that life in Chicago stops south of Cermak Rd. I'd check out the RedEye for daily drink specials and then call first just to make sure.

        1. re: zgwarnki

          Zgwarnki is right. Drinktown's coverage of the Southside of Chicago is spotty at best, probably outright absent.

          However - Most of our listings are derived from RedEye listings, newpaper ads, or web sites. So merely checking the RedEye isn't much better.

          Drinktown is run as a hobby on nights and weekends, has no fees, and makes no money. I am always looking for people to help out and suggest bars, specials, and useful comments.

      2. Thanks for the tips! the conference will be at McCormick center next week. So there will be lots of hungry and thirsty nurses in town!