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A new angle on the deep dish question..

So yes, I'll be in Chicago for the first time in 4 years since relocating to Colorado, and yes, I will be of course including deep dish pizza in my visit.

My question for the board is not which location has the best deep dish pizza, but which location has the best combination of beer selection accompanied with pizza?

We are Coloradoans, so we have no interest in watered-down domestic beer. Is there a single deep dish pizza eatery in Chicago with an IPA or a Stout on tap that anyone knows of, or have I put the rest of the world further ahead on beer maturation than I should?


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  1. "We are Coloradoans, so we have no interest in watered-down domestic beer."
    "...have I put the rest of the world further ahead on beer maturation than I should?"

    Bring some Coors with you then.

    Yes, I know you were kidding. So am I.

    1. Most places have at least Goose Island on tap.

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        Can you give me one that you know has Goose Island on tap for certain?

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          Most places don't have it on their on-line menus but I think you can call and check out the beer lists. I am almost proof positive that Pizano's on Madison has it on tap.

      2. I can guarantee that if you want a stout with your deep dish, it's going to be Guinness, if at all. Goose Island makes an IPA (some stouts too) but in all likelihood if a pizza place has a micro tap there will only be one and it will be Honker's (GI's flagship beer). I can think of no place here that combines deep dish pizza with a Coloradoesque tap/bottle list. Wish we had one.

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          I have had pitchers of both Fat Tire and Anchor Steam Beer at Pequod's. I recall the beer list being a cut above most places. While neither of those beers are a stout or IPA I wouldn't be surprised if they had either.

        2. It's not deep dish, but, as an alternative, if you are interested in a more East Coast- style thin pizza, Piece Pizza in Wicker Park is also a brewery and has some good beers.

          1. I've noticed several positive recommendations here recently for the deep-dish pizza at Exchequer Pub, in the Loop. I haven't been there, but it's been around for many years; it's funny how you can walk by a place hundreds of times without ever going in. I see from the beer and wine menu on their website at www.exchequerpub.com that they have Guinness, at least. So that's definitely one candidate.

            1. Uno's and Due's not only have goose island on tap, but they make their own brew (Uno's Amber, I belive it is called?) I always get the hosue brew when I am there. If you like Fat Tire, I think you would like Uno's Amber (or any number of goose island brews).

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                It's called Uno Amber Ale, and it's actually Sam Adam's Boston Ale (as opposed to Boston Lager, the traditional Sam Adams). It lacks the complexity of a Fat Tire, but will do in a pinch. I believe they have Goose Island Honker's as their draft, as well as Goose Island 312 (an unfiltered wheat beer). I hope this helps!

              2. http://www.threefloydspub.com

                It's about a 45 minute drive from downtown Chicago. I know people who have traveled to the Chicago area just to visit this brewpub. The food is excellent there as well, including their pizzas.