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Apr 30, 2008 07:16 AM

VA food products - Rowena's

Since we're the only family members in VA, I like to send VA items as gifts. I have send Edwards Ham/bacon and peanuts as great father's day/grandpa birthday gifts but am looking for more mother's day things. Have heard of Rowena's from VA beach with cakes/curds/jams. even have sugar free for my diabetic mom. Any suggestions, recommendations, negative feedback - or completely different ideas of products to send? Thanks.

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  1. I can't have sugar either and I enjoy Rowena's. They generally have samples out in the gift shop in Norfolk, so if you can make it in there to taste, that would be your best bet.

    As with pretty much all sugar free products, its not quite as good as the real thing. My recommendation is to get a SF curd to go with whatever SF pound cake you choose. I got my father a lemon lb cake with lemon curd as a gift and they cake with a little curd on the side went quick, with the leftover curd remaining as a staple on the breakfast table for english muffins, etc until it ran out.

    1. I think they are good and solid, but not anything special (no help on the sugar free aspect). I've gotten the stuff as part of a gift basket and enjoyed it, but wouldn't go out of the way for it. We generally do the ham/bacon/peanut thing too for out of state relatives <g>.

      1. I think Rowena's is pretty good. I like the chocolate cakes! It really is fun to go to the Norfolk shop and try things. They have good dips, etc. too...

        Taste Unlimited has a decent selection of VA products--don't forget VA wine! It's getting better and better...

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          agreed - but i don't think i can ship it to ohio! and my MIL is NOT a wine drinker. and while my mom loves it she can't really drink much with the diabetes. the food gifts really do better for father's day but flowers seem so mundane. i was super creative last year and this year i don't have it in me. thanks!

        2. Funny, I just this morning googled "Virginia gift baskets" to find something for a friend. I may order from these folks, but I have no experience with them. If you google, you get quite a few hits.

          I've only lived here a year and I have already brought peanuts to my out-of-state family waaay too many times. ;-


          How about some locally made candles and soaps? I've bought plenty of gifts like this at farmers' markets. I'm sure Cary St. has plenty to offer, too.

          1. When I lived in Virginia, I tried to make it the fall Fiber Festival over by Charlottesville. Lot of beautiful wool and yarns from Virginia sheep and llamas. As I recall they also had locally collected honey.