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Apr 30, 2008 06:50 AM

Lowell Area Mother's Day Brunch


I am taking my wife and child out for a Mother's Day brunch.

I saw that Cobblestone's has an attractive Mother's Day Brunch. Anyone ever have any experiences here? (


Any other similar/better ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I like Cobblestone's but don't love it. I love Michael Timothy's in Nashua (not too far at all) and their sunday jazz brunch looks (&have heard) fabulous. I"ve only been to diner but really want to get over for their Sunday Brunch. check it out.

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    1. re: lexpatti

      I have always loved Michael Timothys. Forgot about their brunch and saw posts about it before! Now, I just gotta score the reservation. Jazz makes it even better. Thanks again Lexpatti.

      Will report if we go.

      1. re: mjg0725

        They don't take reservations for the Sunday brunch, but may for Mother's Day--it's definitely worth it. If no res, go as early as possible--by 11am.

      2. re: lexpatti

        The Michael Timothy's Sunday brunch is awesome! I live in the NY suburbs but go to Nashua every 6-8 weeks for business. I've actually angled to have to be in the office up there on a Saturday so that I could enjoy MT's brunch on Sunday. The selection is just right- not overwhelming, and everything is tasty. Since I'm a solo diner, they've even offered me the Sunday paper to keep me company...and the jazz music is at just the right volume to perk up your spirits but not be overwhelming. The bloody marys are excellent.

        I'm just kinda glad they're not nearer to where I live - I'd be broke, drunk and fat!

      3. I have been to Cobblestone's mother's day brunch before and my wife loved it. The food is good and the overall ombiance is great for families, etc. I've also been to J's restaurant(Nashoba Valley Winery) in Bolton, MA which is about 20 minutes from Lowell and there brunch is much better imo, well worth the drive, and you can get some nice wine and craft beer to compliment the food.


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          I forgot about J's, love it too. Depending on how old the child is, might also include fruit picking if anything is in season(doubt it though). They have a wonderful orchard with events going on too.

          1. re: lexpatti

            Looks great but I'm going to take my chances at Michael Timothy's and get there early.

            We love the vast variety of apples Nashoba Winery has during PYO apple season. Been there for a few of their PYO carnival style events. They are worth it for sure - great setting..

        2. Every year, a group of us from Tyngsboro, Haverhill and Boston meet at the Doubletree Bedford Glen Hotel(located in Bedford just off Rt 3) for a very nice Mother's Day buffet brunch. I forget how much it was but remember it as being very reasonsible. I especially like their chocolate fountain. They use a very good quality of chocolate.

          1. This little place is near where we live and they're having a special Mother's Day brunch. I've just been there for coffee (it's great) but people tell me the food is pretty good, too. We're booked for the 11th. I'm not expecting anything fancy, but I think it will be worth it.


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            1. re: Dinsdale45

              We live in Chelmsford too. Been there a bunch of times for coffee, they brew George Howell's Terroir coffee. Interesting that they are serving a brunch as they don't seem to have much besides muffins, pastries and sandwich's.

              Let us know how it was if you get the chance.

              1. re: mjg0725

                We're on the Java Room email list and they mentioned that the brunch would have eggs, breakfast meats, fruits, mimosas, and other breakfast-y options along with the baked stuff. There's supposed to be live jazz, too.

            2. Due to the fact we had more people join us, we did not want to risk not getting seated at Michael Timothy's. We ended up going to Cobblestones. I was fine and the choices were numerous. Service lacked, but they also packed people in there, so it was to be expected. Highlights being roasted lamb, eggs benny, beef burgundy and chocolate bread pudding.

              Other good news - Moonstones should be open in a couple of weeks. The hostess said it's impressive what they did to the interior and it looks nothing like a Ground Round.

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                I'm looking forward to Moonstones as well. but I still have Fusion Bistro to make it to and Centro in Lowell (2 good additions to Lowell/Chelmsfrd)