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Apr 30, 2008 06:38 AM

LA Beach food

Between Huntington, Laguna, and Newport Beaches, will I find similar restaurants, food types, etc. Seems that Huntington is very laid back, but the Hyatt there looks very posh. I would expect Newport Beach and Laguna Beach to have more upscale restaurants, but I really have never been there. Thinking of staying on one too this summer. Any thoughts?? Hyatt looks like it is on the beach. We're in our 50's, love to shop, beach walk, etc. Not going to enter any volleyball tournaments <g>.



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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Trying to decide where to stay and visit and eat. I know so little about these 3, it's actually tough to ask the "right" question... if you know what I mean. Looking for a mix of food. I don't want to wear a jacket and tie, but I don't want a DQ either... if that makes sense.

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        We ask everyone to stay focused on food. Rating hotel restaurants is fine, but lodging and general travel tips are beyond the scope of Chowhound's mission to help us eat better.

    2. H.B. is laid back but definitely has some nice restaurants. The Hyatt is across the stree (Pacific Coast Hwy) from the ocean but all rooms have a wonderful view. They have a great restaurant (upscale) in the hotel that does not require jackets and ties.

      Within walking distance of the hotel is Chimayo's and Duke's, both excellent and "beachy" restaurants with full ocean views. Chimayo's and Duke's share the same building with Duke's having the better view. Chimayo's cuisine is a bit more sophisticated than Duke's... both are priced about the same. There are plenty of other good restaurants within walking distance of the hotel as well... it's a good location if you're looking for "resort style" vacationing with a laid-back beach bumming flavor! Enjoy!

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        Chimayo morphed into another David Wilhelm restaurant property in the past few months. It's called Savannah now. I haven't been so have no idea how the concept works or the food tastes.

      2. Do NOT go to Huntington Beach for good food. I lived there for two years and would generally drive to Long Beach to eat out. The food and shops are much better in Laguna. Off the top of my head, I'd recommend 5 Feet for dinner. The restaurant at the Surf and Sand hotel and the Beach House are both right on the water. You won't need a jacket and tie anywhere in any of the three cities you mentioned.

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          In Laguna Beach, may I also suggest Sapphire's, some incredible food there.

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            We've had drinks and apps at both Surf & Sand and the Beach House, not any real meals, but found both places extremely pleasant. I'm looking forward to going back on my own dime, rather than with a penny-pinching elderly relative...

          2. laguna has the best food of any of the places in the OC.

            Tabu, K'ya, Sapphire, 230 forrest, etc.

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