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Apr 30, 2008 06:05 AM


Has anybody ever seen the show called, “Brindiamo” starring a hot Italian babe by the name of Ornella Fado? She visits Italian restaurants in and around NYC and interviews the chefs. It’s not a bad show as you get to see the kitchens of noted NYC restaurants get to see and hear their chefs. The problem is her accent is so strong that you can barely understand her, so it’s kind of fun trying to figure out what she’s talking about half the time. Anyway it’s on Tuesdays at 2:00 on WYBE.

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  1. I've watched it - interesting at times. I think she's also covered some restaurants in Philadelphia.

    1. It is actually very interesting, subtitles often needed.

      Her show in on NJN in Jersey on late Saturday mornings.

      1. I love the title! Does she drink a lot at the restaurants?

        1. I watch Brindiamo! every Saturday morning (10:30 AM) in New York City, or when I am in Connecticut. Ornella Fado is lovely, very talented, full of life, and authentically Italian. I understand that she is a former actress and dancer in Italy, and she writes, produces, and hosts Brindiamo! on her own. Her accent is what makes the show authentic and a true spokesperson for all things Italian, unlike the many faux "Italian" (really american) food people on TV. I heard the show may be going national soon too. Americans should embrace different accents and learn, rather than expect to see themselves and familiarity all the time.

          1. I love her accent and her style too! "delufran" is right: her accent is what makes the show authentic and unique. Besides being a "hot italian babe", she is very talented and full of energy. We need more Ornella Fado on tv. We all are looking forward for the show to go national.