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Apr 30, 2008 05:30 AM

Corner House in Stouffville? Or...

Has anybody been to The Corner House Restaurant in Stouffville, just northeast of Toronto?

It looks decent on the website but I'm having difficulty finding anyone who's been (or has in fact heard of the place) and who can give an opinion on it.

Alternate suggestions for decent quality yet cozy places to eat in the Newmarket/Aurora/Stouffville/Keswick area would also be welcome. It's for my mother's birthday and the family is looking for something other than the typical box store parking lot chains that seem to populate that area.


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  1. Is Uxbridge too far out of your target zone? If not, I've read great things about the Tin Mill Restaurant. It's in a refurbished mill. Sounds perfect for a special evening. Here's a recent chowhound review:

    1. I've been to the Corner House many times and it's always been very nice. Two cozy rooms in the front and a larger room in the back for bigger groups. Steak was always good, lamb too. Great wine selections and pleasant service. Only caveat: I haven't been in a little over a year, as I haven't been to Stouffville for a while. I'd go back, though, based on all my previous positive experiences.

      1. I've never been to the Corner House myself but my dad went with his girlfriend and my grandmother and they came home raving about the food. The pasta's good, apparently.

        1. Just curious, did you get to the Corner House??? I saw your post too late to comment but would have said that it is good, nice decor but maybe alittle on the pricey side.