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Apr 30, 2008 04:14 AM

Jfood at Brigtsens - Still a Home Run

Once again Chef Frank and his lovely wife Marna show why Brigtsens is one of Jfood's favorite NOLA restaurants. Dinner for six was a great display of service and food. A great time was had by all.

After being drenched in monsoon-like downpours during JazzFest the Jfoods dried off and worked their way to Uptown and the hominess of Brigtsen’s. They had an 830 reservation and the earlier seating was just finishing their desserts. Although they waited in the hallway, Marna quickly asked if any cocktails were required and they were brought promptly. A ten-minute wait and they were brought to their table. It was the first time they were seated in the back room and Jfood does like the more forward rooms, if he had a choice.

Jfood already knew he was ordering the duck for an entrée so the appetizer was the only decision he needed to make. The sweetbreads were just screaming for him to order them. So he obliged. The sweetbreads were perfectly cooked tender over a potato cake that was outstanding and layers of mushrooms surrounded the two stars. It was a perfect dish.

The main course arrived. This may sound weird but the duck was just too large. It was enormous, encompassing a major portion of the plate. Half would have been plenty but who is Jfood to complain about too much of Chef Frank’s brilliant duck with cherry sauce. The skin was a beautiful deep brown and Jfood asked for extra sauce that arrived in a little ramekin. One bite of the duck and Jfood knew why this is one of his favorites. It is truly hard to describe the texture and moistness that Chef Frank can bring out in the dish. It is almost like he allows the fat of the bird to confit itself while it slow cooks. And the skin was a perfect crispiness. The sauce was wonderful and the extra was needed given the size of the duck.

For dessert M&M Jfood split the chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. It seams that the cake is a little different each time. This cake was a little lighter and airier than others, but the flavor was still a great deep chocolate. The ice cream worked well with the dish yet again.

The Jfoods have been to NOLA four times in the last year and every time Brigtsens is the star of the dinners.

Thank you yet again Frank and Marna.

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  1. it's a good restaurant. they really care about the food.
    did you take the street car?

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    1. re: steve h.

      Did not. the street cars were working great as jfood drove up/down st charles from hotel to uptown though.

    2. Thanks for reminding me. The duck is truly a work of art.

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      1. re: ddavis

        Jfood, we must have passed in the hall as we were there after the monsoon as well, with an 8:30 reservation (although we arrived quite late due to our cab driver getting totally lost!) We were in the very front room. I also had the duck, which was superb as you describe, although it was much too large for me and sadly I could not finish it. But equally amazing was the mashed potatoes on the plate, just seemed like about 50% cream and 50% potato---that I finished :)

        1. re: jinx

          I finished my entire plate, great portion of duck and mashed potatoes and veggies and the tart dried cherry satuce.

          but in all honesty I didn't order an appetizer. But had a strawberry shortcake and Sazerac for dessert. Definitely great stuff. My friend didn't at all like the two appetizer he had, one being the butternut squash shrimp bisque, the other being the casserole of shrimp and mushrooms. He gave me shit for it the rest of the trip. Anyhtow, to some like me, Brigsten's food is simply amazing. or at least the duck is.

          1. re: kevin

            I love the soup, but it takes a little getting used to the 1) consistency since it is not strained and 2) the fact that every bite has the flavor of shrimp with no shrimp visible. It took me a few bites the first time I ordered to decide that I liked it...a lot!

            1. re: kevin

              man, i love that bisque. its probably my current favorite.

        2. Hey, jfood how much did the duck dish cost?