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Apr 29, 2008 11:57 PM

Wine Bars in Prospect Heights??

Looking for a place to meet someone and share a nice bottle or a few glasses on Friday night...not really sure what's down there in terms of wine, though I know there's some hip spots like Soda around now on Vanderbilt Ave.

Anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. Beast has several wines by the glass (you actually get more than a glass). The wines are definitely not first growth Bordeauxs or anything but they are cheap and drinkable, the vibe is good and the food is tasty.

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      beast is my favorite neighborhood spot. they serve wine by the quartino (and by the bottle.)
      (although i am not sure that this list is the most updated version.


      i would also recommend sepia on underhill. i can't recall their wine selection off the top of my head but i remember it being decent. (and they have a patio.) or you could always venture to the new "weather up" on vanderbuilt. i drank cocktails there but they also serve wine:

      incidentally i would steer clear from soda. i like their yard but it closes too early and i would much rather sit outside at beast or sepia anyway. i guess that soda is a decent dive if you're in the mood for one--but it gets super crowded on the weekends.

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        aliseo is basically a wine bar though they are serving full meals now. He has some interesting wines with a specialty in the Marche and Id say it has a nice crowd. Check it out, anyway..

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          Excellent...thanks for that! Beast sounds like it's the best spot for what we're looking for in PH...Soda and Weather Up just aren't that type of atmosphere, more of a beautfiul-people cocktail spot, which is fine, but thet's not what we're looking for tomorrow night.

          We're also getting really reports on Barrette, at Vanderbilt/Dean. An entirely different vibe altogether from all of the above-mentioned places, but it sounds like the most relaxed, chill place on that whole strip.

          Going to check out Aliseo as well at some point.

          Boy, it's so nice to actually have CHOICES like this in Prospect Heights these days. Sure wish we had a few similar places like that up here in Clinton HIll/Fort Greene.

      2. Well funk, your Friday night out has already passed, but for other occasions, I would recommend Stonehome Wine Bar, on Lafayette between s. portland and s. elliott. Their flights are usually decent, and they have a patio as well. Their vibe is upscale but I have never found it snooty. Sepia is wonderful, however, and more laid-back then Stonehome.

        Last summer I remember that the folks at Soda were hoping to be able to expand their patio hours by this year. Anyone know if that's happened yet?