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Apr 29, 2008 11:01 PM

New Orleans BBQ

I'm wondering what are the good bbq places in the New Orleans area nowadays. I'm coming home for a few days, and I was curious about the changes. I used to enjoy Hillbilly BBQ out on Jefferson. What are some others, and I don't mind the drive as I'll be stationed with family in LaPlace. Thanks.

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  1. The Joint, on Poland Ave near the river. I much prefer it to Hillbilly.

    1. The Whole Hog Cafe on Loyola is good. I think they are only opened for lunch.

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      1. re: nolalawyer

        Whole Hog is great only if you really need BBQ and you already work in the building. I second The Joint, but I also recommend Walkers BBQ on Haynes. They are the folks that make the Jazz Fest Cochon De Lait po boys.

        1. re: sirvelvet

          Thanks for the advice with the bbq. I haven't been there, but with a name like Whole Hog Cafe, I would have had high hopes. Then again, with a name like that, it sounds like a chain. But I haven't looked into it.

          1. re: jpg

            It's a chain. Out of Arkansas. I wouldn't waste your time (or stomach space) on it.

      2. I just tried J'anita's. While it seems like a quirky little neighborhood addition, the 'cue was just no good. Pulled pork had no discernable smoke flavor, wet texture (not wet as in melting in its own fat, but rather like it had been doused with broth after it was pulled), absolutely no crust. Baked beans tasted like chili from a can (not a compliment, coming from me). Coleslaw was decent, crunchy, slightly sweet, though nothing special. The $7.00 platter came with one slice of standard white bread and two sides. The house sauce was odd--thickly gelatinous---that weird kind of emulsified texture seen in fat-free salad dressing. Tasted akin to a weak has some horseradish in it, I think.

        The place does have a long breakfast menu; it might be a breakfast spot masquerading as a BBQ place?

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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I've had the breakfast and was very disappointed. Portions were really small and everything was out of a bag. The coffee was pretty bad too. I don't think they use anything fresh in the place. And see, here all this time I thought it was more of a BBQ place than a breakfast place based on what others have commented to me on the BBQ. I guess it is safe to say that I won't try the BBQ now.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            The breakfast was really good the first two or three times I went. I posted about it a few months ago. However, the last two or three times, it's been pretty bad. It's a shame. I hope they make it, but obviously there are some growing pains going on.

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              I'm delighted to report that I had a fantastic, wonderful, perfect burger at J'anita's last night. The patty was moist and juicy and the dressings were fresh and tasty. Good potato salad on the side.

            2. i think the Ugly Dog has great pulled pork and hands down the best coleslaw i have i have ever had in my life cheap too!!!!!!!

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                1. re: bbares81

                  I love everything at Ugly Dog. I really like J'anita's and am surprised to read the recent negative reviews. I know the owners check in here so hopefully this will be taken care of soon.

                  1. re: mrsfury

                    I intended to try J'anita's until my son went on Tues. Both he and DC had the burger and were disappointed. Sides of beans tasted like canned, maque choux was mediocre. Gumbo had pulled pork and was declared pretty good. Doesn't exactly inspire a visit.

                2. re: mcegielski

                  I have to add my 2 cents to the Ugly Dog love. I'm not "local" but come every year for JazzFest - Ugly Dog is our location for a great last night dinner, when our bodies can't handle any more rich food. As I remember it, there are 4-5 things on the menu, but great and cheap!! Three of us ate for under $40 with 2 pitchers of beer (a number of years ago.)

                3. Has anyone tried Papa Joe's on Canal. A friend raved about it -- claiming it the equal of the long lost Mr. Delicious on Gentilly -- but I'm not sure whether I trust him!