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Apr 29, 2008 10:49 PM

Need crushed ice for my Kentucky Derby party's mint juleps

Yes I've seen the tutorial on crushed ice, but it will take all week to crush the amount of ice I need for my delicious mint juleps! Does anyone know of a place in San Francisco or close by that sells crushed ice?

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  1. While this is not a direct answer to your question, I ended up just buying a Waring IC70 ice crusher for drinks. (Which, uh, I'm sure you can get in San Francisco, or close by.)

    1. I've never seen bagged crushed ice. I think marketing it would be problematic as it tends to clump up.

      1. I have the Waring Pro, got it off of Amazon and obviously that is no help, but I know you can get a small retro hand crank ice crusher from Bed Bath and Beyond or a small electric one for about $40 (has a 16 oz recepticle).

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          Thanks! I am heading to Bed Bath and Beyond tonight to pick some extras for this weekend so I'll check out the hand crushers and the electrics.

        2. Try calling SF Ice Company .......Tel: 415.671.1055

          Ask about something called snow ice ...... it's crushed ice - much smaller than ice cubes ...... often used for seafood display/oyster bars...... not sure if it's the right shape / size for mint juleps or not but I suspect they can help you! But if you can crush your own that's even better.