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Discount Health/ Natural Food Stores

I'm changing my diet, but unfortunately, my wallet is still the 'ol same size :(

I'm just a girl who wants to get her chowing act together -- processed foods, bad!

Any places in our lovely city you'd like to suggest?

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  1. Eating healthier to me means eating tons more and a larger variety of vegetables. Fruits as desserts and snacks. Fresh nuts, seeds.
    One place to find cheap produce is the Manhattan Fruit Exchange at Chelsea Market. Very decently priced and fresh produce, nuts, seeds, spices. I don't get there as much as I would like because it's so far from me.
    Another cheap option is buying produce in Chinatown.
    I buy my nuts at Kalustyan's but it isn't really cheap. If someone has suggestions for a good place to buy cheap fresh nuts, I'm all ears.

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      I'll be checking out Manhattan Fruit Exchange soon. Thanx!

      As for Chinatown, I go there from time to time (just 2 days ago -- mangos are everywhere, and so yummy) but I'm not familiar with a lot of the produce. They don't label! Not to say the stuff they have don't look enticing ..

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        Also, Trader Joe's seems to be the answer.

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          Economy Candy on lower East side has great prices on nuts (and candy).

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            Yesterday, for organic fresh fruits and veggies, a friend recommended a website, www.urbanorganic.com. Located in Brooklyn, they deliver to Manhattan at no charge. There is 1 sign up registration fee - $25 I think. You sign up for a certain size box (4 choices), and you get a wide variety of fruits and veggies that fit into that box. Check out the website.

          2. Trader Joes has very good prices on nuts, natural cereals, protein powder and the like. I get protein shakes at Vitamin Shoppe, watch for sales.

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              Yes, I'm glad you mentioned Trader Joe's, I've recently shopped there and I love it!
              As fro the protein shakes, I'm not really familiar with them, so I'm going to hold them off, for now.

            2. If you want to eat out and be healthy, Eva's on 8th St near 6th Ave is the best. Not really a sit down restaurant, but great for a quick bite or take out/delivery.

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                Great! Whenever, I'm in the neighborhood and feeling hungry, I know where to go now. Thanx!

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                  That place is really good! Make sure you check it out if you're around. They have some really cheap stuff too (last time I went, which was a while ago).

                  They also sell supplements and vitamins.

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                  Also, if you eat out healthy on a budget, do you also shop healthy for when you're dining-in on a budget too? If so, any recommendations?

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                    It's already been mentioned a bunch, but I've really found that Trader Joe's has the best prices on healthier options. Miss Needle also mentioned Westerly Market, I shop there less frequently but they have a great selection of a wide variety of health products.

                3. for some things, I shop at the bulk section of the natural food store on 3rd ave at 16th st (sorry, I can't remember the name). there's always something on sale every month, and it's fun to try whatever it is...quinoa, puy lentils, etc. I second TJ's for nuts and cereal.

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                    Noted, thanx! I'll be giving this unrememberably named place a try the next time I take a swig at Trader Joe's.

                  2. Check out the Park Slope Food Coop- yes, you have to do a work shift, but the prices are the very lowest anywhere and the quality is high. 12,000 members and counting can't all be wrong.

                    1. I found the best bulk bins for grains and legumes and sea vegetables to be Integral Yoga on 13th Street between 7th and 8th ave -- good prices and best variety. The 2nd Floor of Fairways on 74th Street is devoted to organic fruits and veggies and health food. The prices there are not bad either. A couple of other good markets are Westerly and LifeThyme (though I kind of find Lifethyme to be on the pricey side).

                      Not organic and not local -- but if you want to increase your fruit and vegetable intake, the absolute cheapest place I've found in Manhattan is the market on 9th Ave between 41st and 42nd (?). The entrance is kind of hidden and there isn't much signage. But once you walk through the plastic doorway, you'll find a decent selection of fruits and veggies that are much cheaper than any other store in Manhattan. Sometimes the stuff is good and sometimes it isn't. A pineapple that I purchased from there was better than any other pineapple I've purchased, including Whole Foods and Citarella. But most of the stuff is passable.

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                        Miss Needle, do you mean Ninth Ave International Foods (543 9th ave at 40th st)?

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                          No. This is predominantly a fruit and vegetable shop. They also sell some eggs as well. Perhaps it was something like Stiles or something? I forget. It's really easy to miss and you've got to really look for it. Even knowing where it is, I've passed by the store without realizing it.

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                            There is a Stiles on 52nd Street bet. 8th & 9th Ave. that is hit or miss, but the prices are extremely cheap. sometimes better than Chinatown's. I always look around and just buy what looks good that day.

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                              Thanks Miss Needle and G3B. I will check Stiles out and will also try to find the place on Ninth.

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                                Yeah, I know the Stiles you're talking about. My sister used to live in Hell's Kitchen and went there a lot. I think that place is affiliated with the 9th Ave place. Yeah, the prices generally are cheaper than Chinatown.

                                Abud, the 9th Ave location is next to one of those 99 cent pizza places if that will help you out. It's on the West side of 9th Ave and very bare bones inside. That's one of the ways they keep the prices so low.

                        2. I work near Westerly Natural Market on 8th and 54th. I find the prices reasonable and they always have in store and online specials.