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Apr 29, 2008 10:15 PM

Places where chametz may be bought

Does anyone know about the ownership of Trader Joe's and whether chametz may be bought from there at this point?

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  1. It was on the approved list from the Jewish Center in Manhattan. Shop away.

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    1. The one in Hewlett is fine- you can buy all chometz there.

      1. I take all those lists with a pinch of salt, they are often based on hearsay about who owns what... and everybody knows XYZ is a Jewish company. And companies are owned in all kinds of partnerships, and LLCs which are really one person, and food is sometimes still the property of the distributor until it is sold, and many wholesalers are jewish, and some wholesalers take posession of the product and others just arrange financing and have it shipped from manufacturer to retailer. No-one really knows, just stay away from stuff that has obviously been owned by a jew over Pesach, and decide what halachic opinion you wish to follow.... but the lists are worthless! In my neighborhood there was a goyishe store which had a front end manager who spoke Yiddish to all the old ladies and "everybody knew he was the owner, and you could trust him to sell the chometz" until he was terminated....

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          If you find a shul/rabbi/best friend you trust, then you trust them. I think the list is a little overkill as many of the places listed are likely publicly-traded corporations whose ownership is split over thousands of people and trusts, but that doesn't much matter. It is a list of common stores that sell food in Manhattan and surrounding suburbs. It is published by a synagogue that I, and many people generally, trust. Therefore, the list is good by me.