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Apr 29, 2008 08:05 PM

Chocolate Fountain Help

I have aquired a chocolate fountain for a double party weekend....a surprise luau themed birthday party for Jake and an all italian family reunion.

Question of the day:
Things like cut apple slices and bananas get brown and creepy. Should they be treated first? I am also thinking about:
pineapple mango kiwi skewers
mixed fresh berry skewers
homemade marshmallows with bowls of toasted coconut and graham crumbs
kettle chips

Anyone dealt with one of these bad boys before? Tips and ideas?

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  1. These are cool in concept, but I keep expecting that is should be like good chocolate fondue, and it seems most of these things are filled with vats of generic Hersey's syrup.. so first suggestion would be to use good chocolate.

    For dipping strawberries and pound cake are my 2 favorites for chocolate fondue.

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      Unfortunately, I think it has to be incredibly thin and cheap chocolate-like substance to be able to work with those fountains. If you want the showy fountain, you're going to have to suffer the lower quality chocolate-ish product. I've never used one myself (tasted from several ;-) ) but that seems to be the consensus over on, where many people tried to improve the taste and use higher quality ingredients and were unsuccessful.

      I love the list of dipping options, Chelley! Particularly the homemade marshmallows. Having such a variety of high-quality items to dip will distract from the necessary evil of the "chocolate" in those fountains.

      Apples and bananas can be sprinkled with "fruit saver"--basically citric acid, I think. You can also coat them lightly with lemon juice. If you buy the apples pre-sliced in a bag from the grocer, they'll already be pre-treated and won't brown.

      1. re: modthyrth

        I own a sephra 5 ft professional CF. Here is the trick to good chocolate we buy Ghriadelli Chocolate chips melt them then to get the chocolate to flow we thin it a bit with Canola Oil. The chocolate still taste great and flows beautifully.we use this fountain a lot so we pretty much have tried everything. You can use dark chocolate chips or milk or even white. I personally prefer the milk it is sweeter. Now for what is best to dip stay away from small things that might drop into the fountain this can clog it up. I also don't like fruit like pineapple or kiwi it gets sort of slimy.. Small cream puffs are a huge hit, we also do those long cigar cookies. Long pretzels work great and of course the all time fav is strawberries. Another thing that is a lot of fun is donut holes. have plenty of 6 inch wooden skewers on hand and your guest will love it.

        1. re: Analisas mom

          Analisas mom, do you think cheesecake (might have to be frozen?) would work? I was reading about the cheesecake pops from the Daring Bakers April Challenge...then came across this thread... which got me wondering about putting the two together. I think they'd need to be smaller for dipping...but I'm wondering if they'd disintegrate on contact with the warm chocolate. Any thoughts? :)

          1. re: maplesugar

            You could freeze them on lollipop sticks first.

            1. re: chowser

              Ok I'm craving cheesecake just thinking about this lol. So, do you think they'd hold up? I mean it looks like they do ok when making pops(haven't made them yet but I intend to make mini cheesecake pops for the next party)... I'm wondering if there'd be melted cheesecake bits in the fountain...particularly if guests left the cheesecake under the chocolate for too long?

              1. re: maplesugar

                I think they'd hold up fine frozen (keep them on ice and make them small). I've done chocolate dipped cheesecake with frozen cheesecake. Generally, though, people dip in the item and pull it out pretty quickly. I've never seen anyone hold something in for long (except maybe Paula Deen w/ her tongue but that's a different issue altogether).

            2. re: maplesugar

              I think cheesecake would work. I would buy those mini ones that thay sell at Sam's and keep them in the frezzer until ready to serve.

      2. At every event I've been to that had one of these things strawberries, pound cake and marshmallows were the things that went fast.

        1. Caution: Keep liquids away from the chocolate fountain. I once saw a whole CF seize up and become a slow gurgling lumpy mess. I guess someone had inadvertently poured a liquid into the fountain. Like water for chocolate.

          Maybe you could post a small sign next to the CF advising folks to keep liquids away?

          1. We had a very showy chocolate fountain as part of a dessert buffet for our youngest daughter's Bat Mitzvah in 2004. This was a novelty in our area and we were one of the first. The invitees were our adult friends and family as well as a group of about 100 13 year old teenagers. Here is what they put out:

            pretzel rods
            shortbread cookies
            fruit kabobs
            cubes of pound cake
            cubes of angel food cake
            chunks of frozen bananas on skewers
            peanut butter cookies

            We had told the catering company how many people would be at the event. The kids lined up like they were going to a free concert. When the caterer pulled the rope, 100 kids all tried to be first in line to rush the chocolate fountain. Needless to say it was a HUGE hit. We had other cakes & tortes but this was decimated in the first 15 minutes.

            We used a very good milk chocolate because of the large number of kids. Hop your crowd control works better than ours!