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Apr 29, 2008 07:51 PM

Driving From FL to NY on I 95

I will be leaving Fort Lauderdale, FL at 6 AM on Saturday and driving to NY. I will be probably be stopping for Lunch in NC and Dinner in Richmond, VA. I am looking for a good BBQ in NC off of 95. From reading the boards I've seen that Wilbers in Goldsboro is the way to go.

I need help finding good places because I don't plan to ever make this drive again. I know there are a bunch of other threads with this topic but I'm looking for a more recent opinion. Some places change quality throughout the years.


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  1. Well, it's almost 600 miles from Fort Lauderdale to Lumberton, NC - but Fuller's has good bar b-q and an excellent buffet full of Southern classics. Located just a few minutes off of I-95.

    The only thing not good about it is that after you eat you will want a nap!

    1. It is a chain but if you find you cannot wait, Sonny's BBQ will do in a pinch.

      This is an excellent resource:

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        I'll confess to eating more than a few times at Sonny's, but IMHO, to eat there while in eastern NC is blasphemous.

        Skylight Inn in Ayden, Parker's in Wilson, Moore's in Kenly...

      2. i've made that drive many times--there's a bbq place in south carolina i think it's called maurice's right off 95 that has a mustard-based bbq sauce. you can buy bottles of it there too. i like it. i prefer the nc vinegar-based but i was told by a south carolinian that mustard-based is popular in that region.

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          DO NOT stop at Sonny's under any circumstance. And I would encourage folks not to stop at Maurice's. Google Maurice Bessinger (the owner) and you may understand my reasoning, which has nothing to do with the quality of the food.

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            Sonny's is better than Wendy's, Hardees, McDonalds, etc. Again, if you reread my post I said If you cannot wait, Sonny's will do in a pinch.

            Maurice Bessinger no longer owns Piggy Park. From my understanding, his brothers do. By boycotting it, you are hurting his employees and not him. He's already made his money.

        2. Wilburs is a good 35-45 minutes off the interstate. If I'm in Goldsboro, I prefer to eat at McCalls BBQ.

          If I was you, my first choice would be to stop in Wilson at Bills BBQ or in Rocky Mount at Gardner's BBQ on Wesleyan Blvd. These are not far off interstate and are all you can eat. The BBQ is very good.

          You also could stop in Dunn or Smithfield at Smithields Chicken and BBQ. Thier BBQ is also good.