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Apr 29, 2008 07:22 PM

Dining in HB

I go once a year (I live in the NE) to a place that a friend has right off Main Street in the summer, and I'd like to go somewhere besides Sushi on Fire. I am very open-minded, I just really hate greasy-spoon type places and not a big fan of chains.

I heard there is a new steak place off Main that is supposed to be good but expensive.

Has anyone tried the Savannah Grille, below Dukes, where Chimayo used to be?

Thanks so much, I appreciate it.

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  1. Will you have a car, or are you restricted to dining just along Main Street?
    If you can only walk, the best options IMO around Main Street:
    Izakaya Zero for you guessed it izakaya (japanese bar food/small dishes); however Izakaya Zero is a little flashier and americanized than the more authentic izakaya's in the area (Kappo Honda and Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley, and Honda Ya in Tustin).
    Sparks for steaks and other meat dishes.
    Coach's for decent Mediterranean/greek dishes
    Aloha Grill for some Hawaiian food
    Bodhi Tree gets a few recs on this board, I haven't eaten there though. it's a vietnamese vegetarian joint
    The Sugar Shack is a popular breakfast spot
    I have not eaten at Savannah Grille yet
    If you're able to venture outside of the Main Street area, I can provide you with more recs.

    1. Whatever you do don't eat at Savannah! The food is the same as it was as Chimayos with a different name and is absolutley horrible. On Main st the best are:
      Coaches (my favorite)- Great greek and turkish foods.
      Sugar Shack - Best breakfast in HB, long waits.
      Aloha Grill - Service is horrendous but the food is really good.
      Stay away from the Italian food below Aloha and next to Starbucks, the owner might serve your food and try to screw you on the bill like he did to us.
      TK Burger - An HB institution, get the big bargain special.
      Wahoos - I eat at Wahoos at least once a week, it's a local chain even though it's a chain.

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        Smoking Mo's has some nice BBQ...have not been in a while but loved it.

      2. Several of us have enjoyed Cafe Gazelle in Huntington Beach. Not near Main but an option that's not a chain and not a greasy spoon, and not outrageously expensive either. Same group/family (?) that runs the original location in Long Beach, but the HB location has more room, though the "strip mall ambiance" just isn't quite the same as strolling along 2nd St. in LB (and nothing like Main in HB).
        This URL should give you the info and a review if you're interested:

        1. I have been to the Sugar Shack and liked it very much. It's just such a long wait in the a.m. I got shaky last time, just waiting for a table. I may eat at the house for brekkie.

          I forgot all about TK. I never went to the one in HB, but the one in Newport. I really liked their fries, too.

          I should add that Wahoo's is great, and it is one of the few chains that I will still go. It's ALWAYS good and one of those things I crave. Last time I was in HB I ran down there less than an hour before I had to hop on a plane home. You can't get anything like that around where I live. It's tragic!

          Good to know about Savannah, I'm glad to avert disaster. Thanks so much!

          Coach's, Sparks, Aloha all sound like they are in the running.

          I know nothing about good Mexican in HB. I may head to LB and go to my old-time favorites just for posterity.

          I lived in LB years ago, and Gazelle off of 2nd street was one of my favs. I am happy to know they have a new location closer to HB! I'll be there. They used to have this veal dish with a lemon caper sauce that was really unbelievably devine. They are really nice guys, too, although the quarters are fairly close.

          I will have a car, and am not adverse to tooling around HB or LB. It's just been so long since I lived in the area that I am really at a loss. I'm sure much has come and gone in 5 years.

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            If you like fresh fish one of our favorites in HB is Catch of the Day. It's in a strip mall on Edinger in the same area as the Smart 'n Final store. The owners are especially nice and he usually has a good selection of fresh fish.

            I'm sure there are better Mexican restaurants around but for plain old Americanized Mexican at a reasonable price we think Mario's at Edinger and Springdale is pretty good. We usually end up with the chicken chimichanga's, one with sour cream and one with guacamole then we trade sauces. The margaritas are usually good too.