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Apr 29, 2008 07:11 PM

Help need Extra Special Birthday Cake?

a lover of sweets I have developed quite a passion for frufru cakes and pastries. I live in the North bay and I believe that I've tried all that they have to offer. Is there any new fantastic place that anyone's been to recently that could possible meet my needs. Thanks in advance for the help

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  1. My husband surprised me with a great cake from a bakery that wasn't on my radar. He ordered the Signature Cake from Blissful Bites, on Arguello, off Geary in the Inner Richmond, and it was delicious. Their Signature Cake consists of layers of devil’s food cake, dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate mousse and butter pecan candy, topped with a chocolate glaze. The bakery offers this cake in a variety of sizes, beginning with a 6" round if you only have a few guests. They have many different cake flavors and toppings as well.Here is their web site:

    1. REcently I have been buying some very unique and VERY delicious cakes from Delissio's (they have two locations in the city). I have never seen anything like there presentations. Quality ingredients and skill are very apparent.

      There is a bakery up in Sonoma... I believe it is called Scandia. They have the best "Princess cake" (the green dome made of Marzipan) I have tasted here in the US. There is of course Tartine and Elizabeth Falkner's place. But I ALWAYS circle back to Delissios.

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        Delissio's is excellent, but the original request was for North Bay bakeries.

        I keep meaning to try Scandia. I'll have to compare the pricess cake to one I had in the East Bay at Le Gateau Elegant which makes a stunningly good princess cake.

        It would help if the OP would say which bakeries were tried when saying " I believe that I've tried all that they have to offer".

        Have you tried Fat Angel's yet? I have yet to get there, but there have been excellent comments about it on the board.