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Apr 29, 2008 07:08 PM

Tasteology in Rochester, NY--Disappointed

After all the buildup about Tasteology--low cal! fresh ingredients! clever preparations! green wines!--I was pretty psyched to check it out tonight. Sadly, it was incredibly disappointing. I ordered the special lamb shank, which not only held up the rest of the meal (it took nearly an hour for an 8-person table to get fed in a nearly empty restaurant) but came out the texture and taste of a winter hat. The waiter apologized, said the overdoneness was in response to a customer's complaint that an earlier iteration had been underdone, and offered to replace it. He did, with a fatty but delicious 12-oz. ribeye steak. Unfortunately, the bill charged me for the lamb, anyway (which was priced at $27, double the most expensive menu item). Although this was reduced to $12 (classy!) when I mentioned it, there's a point where, rather than fix mistakes, I'd rather that a restaurant just stop making them.

The other folks at my table reported their meals were good, but not great. Flatbreads were more appealing (and crisper) on paper than life, and a "very spicy" lobster ravioli was "meh."

We won't go back.

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  1. Oh my. That does not sound good.

    I think how a restaurant handles mistakes and problems can really make or break one's opinion of a place. We had a bad experience with an improperly cooked item at Joey B's (where they re-served it even worse than it was originally causing us to send it back the second time, and then put it on the bill anyway) and have never been back, in spite of formerly having been fairly frequent customers.

    Thanks for the review.

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      I had a very strange and unpleasant experience at this place.

      My meal was the worst I've ever had in thousands of restaurant meals due to a simple but critical error-it was oversalted by a factor of about five and simply inedible. When the host approached and asked how my meal was I told him just that, and his only response was to smile at me inscrutably...I found it very odd. Wacky.

      Note that the owner originally announced plans to franchise the Tasteology concept nationally...but recently the (first and only!) place closed and on its website the owner says it will reopen with a new name, new concept, etc. March 30, 2009. There's one born every minute!