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Apr 29, 2008 06:38 PM

Misery in Melrose

I heard a rumor that Au Bon Pain is taking over several spaces in town and replacing Artesania, Sweet Tooth, H&R Block and a camera shop or something. This is not good. I know someone who wants to open an Upper Crust franchise in one of those spaces. Oh c'mon, it beats Petrone's. This would be so much better. I'll open something, too, if I have to. That's a promise. I'll do a butcher shop/fish marklet with some prepared foods to go. Any truth to this rumor?

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  1. Ugh. Say it's not so. One of the things I've always liked about Melrose is how generally chain-free our food options are. Upper Crust would be awesome, as would a butcher shop/fish market. Sweet Tooth is moving over to Franklin Street, so at least it's not all gone.

    1. I love Petrone's - great old-school food.

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      1. re: Table of Six

        Love their in-store made pita bread, Great when still warm. never had the pizzA.

      2. If you will do a butcher shop I will spend a lot of money there. Petrone's pizza is not at all bad. Try the Margharita.

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        1. re: drbangha

          No, it's not that bad - I agree. And they use kalamata olives, which is more than I can say for the prepared foods at Whole Foods who switched to canned some time ago.

          In-store made pita bread??? What's the best time to catch it?

          1. re: almansa

            I have been at lunctime and early evenings, and it is fresh. I used to stop by while walking my dog! He liked it, too! I would give them a call and see when they are making it. Always seem to have it on Fridays.

          2. re: drbangha

            Where's Petrone's? And I, too, promise to keep your butcher shop in business.

            1. re: ReluctantOperaChick

              Petrones is on Main Street- almost across from Eastern Bank, and next to Prince.

          3. Interesting report. I was in downtown Melrose Place last week and saw that Sweet Tooth is relocating next to the commuter rail on Franklin Street and rebranding as Peacuddy's (I'd love to know the genesis of that name.) I'm surprised a chain is looking at that space. Save for Bruegger's, I don't think there is a chain eatery in Melrose Place ... not sure the demos and parking are there in that town to support it.

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            1. re: Bob MacAdoo

              Funny- I think there is plenty of off street parking. There is a large lot behind Shaws, another across from Shaws, behind the fire station, behind Mexico Lindo, Behind the YMCA. And you are right, Breuggers, papa Ginpos and Starbucks are the chains. I wonder whose spot Sweet Tooth is taking? Will have to take a drive by.

              1. re: macca

                I am not fond of trying to park in Melrose, but that could be due to our timing - weeknights, around 6:30 or 7 pm. Even with all of those parking lots, we usually have to drive around for some time looking for a spot.

                I would be very sad if local businesses are put out to house a chain. I really hope this is just a rumor!

                1. re: lisa13

                  If you are going to a restaurant in the downtown area, there are usually spaces behind the Blues Diner. And the lot behind the fire station is good, too.
                  I drove by the bakery, HR block area this am, and there are still signs advertising the spaces are for lease. Will have to keep an eye out

                  1. re: lisa13

                    That hour is a peak wake hour for Gately funeral home, which then crowds the largest of the parking lots, in case you are wondering.

                    I am shocked people are forgetting that there are 2 DD's in Melrose, the first one of which killed the late and very beloved Heavenly Muffins (which was in the place where Mexico Lindo is now, and which had great doughnuts). because HM was only open for breakfast and lunch.

                    1. re: Karl S

                      I did completely forget about the two DD- but I have never been to either, so maybe that is why! Heavnly muffins ( or was it heavnly donuts?) was a great place- used to go on Sunday am for a dozen donuts, and line would be out the door.

                      1. re: macca

                        Heavenly Donuts, you're right. I've never been to either DD either, in protest.

                        1. re: Karl S

                          There is also some chain pizza place. Papa Ginos or something.

                          1. re: drbangha

                            Right- never been there either- though I have read reviews that it is not too bad.

                  2. re: macca

                    Sweet Tooth is taking that spot on the corner of Franklin right by the tracks - Depot Deli, which deserves to die.

                    That space barely has a kitchen, though. I asked the kid who waited on me in ST yesterday about that - he was pretty surly (forced to work front of the house in the slow afternoon and pissy about it) and said smaller kitchen, bigger dining room, and we don't need much kitchen space. That surprised me; bakeries don't need huge kitchens, but they do need some. Maybe they outsource more of their baked goods than I realized.

                    1. re: ReluctantOperaChick

                      I don't think they outsource. I think they are just efficient

                2. I love Petrone's. Black olive with onion pizza - yumm.

                  Sweet Tooth is relocating to the Deli Depot spot at Franklin Square. They are scheduled to open beginning of June. I can't wait as I commute out of the Highland's commuter rail stop.

                  And please I hope that Au Bon Pain isn't coming into Downtown. That would be absolutely AWFUL!!

                  Also the parking comment - I agree it isn't that easy any more to find a space, but still better than other places I've lived.