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Apr 29, 2008 06:27 PM

Santa Barbara waterfront dining

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant in Santa Barbara on the wharf or near the water? preferably seafood- going up for a concert on Sunday at the Bowl and want to have an early dinner.

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  1. The only restaurant on the wharf worth eating at is the shellfish company. you'll know youre there when you cant keep walking without getting wet. not cheap but nowhere on sterns wharf is, and at least if youre going to pay for the view you will get some good food with it.

    1. I second the SBShellfish, but think it will be closed- do they have dinner hours? I was under the impression it closed late afternoon?

      SBShellfish has a sister restaurant Fishouse- at the base of the Wharf basically- across the street from the wharf- and it is worth a try. We have always enjoyed our meals there.

      You might look into Cafe del Sol on Los Patos wy in Montecito, which is overlooking the lake at East Beach- great margaritas, and easy off the freeway access- and easy to get to the bowl from there.

      Anything on the waterfront is iffy in terms of getting in and out on time- they are mostly tourist oriented, so even with reservations- you might not clear it in time....

      Here is a link to some fine restaurants in Montecito that might work more in your favor.

      Enjoy your concert!!

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        SB Shellfish does do dinner - i ate dinner there with a visiting friend just last week. we got there around 630 or 7 and had no trouble getting a couple of stools at the inside counter. there were several larger groups that arrived later (say around 730) that seemed to have quite a bit of trouble with getting seated both due to their size and the place being busier/full.

      2. There's a restaurant right on the sand at Hendry's (Arroyo Burro) Beach, blanking on the name at the moment and another I can't recall just south of the airport. Imagine some of the locals will chime in.

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          Restaurant on the sand at Hendrys= closed- to be opened in another form maybe early this summer. Should be good, as it is the same folks who own SBShellfish and Fishouse!!!!!

          Restaurant at the beach, south of airport- WAY OUT OF THE WAY- Beachside- really good and a nice choice- but you'll miss the opening act for sure.

          1. re: JalamaMama

            the brown pelican is closed?

            i second brophy's for waterfront dining, or beachside cafe at goleta beach is good too. not amazing, but good.

            1. re: beachbunnySD

              Yes, the Brown Pelican has closed. The group, again I think it is the team/Father& Son from SBShellfish an Fishouse. The are putting up wind shield on the front patio, freshening up the menu and keeping the to-go menu window. They have promised to keep it a beachy place for families, not going to frou frou it up! Should be open soon....

              Brophys would be great -BUT you run the risk of being caught short on time- you decide if it is worth it. Maybe call and ask how normal Sunday nights fare- it is going to be nice weather this weekend- you just can't count on the crowd- it will take you an hour to leave Brophys- get to the Bowl, park, walk, find your seat, get a drink......I guess I am a stickler for time- can you tell?

              I would reccomend Jade on upper State street. Great wine by the glass, great starters- can you say crab taco? Asian/Fusion and 10 minutes to the Bowl- just go south on State, left at Anapamu, and volia- the Bowl.

              When you get to the venue, walk to the top of the Bowl and look out at the view from there! Enjoy and please do let us know how the show was, and what you chose and how it was!

              1. re: JalamaMama

                Strong second for Jade, really enjoyed our last meal there.

        2. Brophy's in the marina. Locals fave, great view and food, not as crazy at dinner as it is at lunch. East and west coast style seafood - great steamers, chowder, cioppino, ceviche and the best baked clams in the world. They have two menus - the larger, expensive catch-of-the-day one is good too, if that's what you're looking for.