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Apr 29, 2008 05:38 PM

Chilean Empandas in Sleepy Hollow

Check out Los Andes Bakery in Sleepy Hollow on Valley Street for fresh BAKED empanadas, chilean style. We have tried the chicken and beef. Muy sabrosa!

On the same block as Que Chula es Puebla, Santorini and more, Valley is a Chowhound stop, for sure.


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  1. OMG, Que Chula is the best Mexican food in the area! Try the quesadilla de tinga or the steak fajitas...out of this world!

    1. yeah, I do like Los Andes. I wrote about them last year when I was doing my empanada round up of Westchester County (which is now admittedly a bit dated):

      From my notes at the time about Los Andes:

      Los Andes Bakery [**
      ]180 Valley St.
      Sleepy Hollow, NY 10562
      The only purely Chilean bakery of the bunch, Los Andes offers the traditional Empanada de Pino, as well as a plain cheese empanada. The empanada de pino is huge and filled with ground beef, onions, olives and hard boiled eggs. The filling is very moist with a nice sweetness to the mix. The crust is very different to most other places though. It’s not a normal short-crumb pastry dough. Rather, it’s quite bready. Though traditional, I’ve never been as big of a fan of this type of crust. The only other problem with Los Andes is that unless you go early in the morning, the empanadas will need to be reheated. Which means a microwave if you want to eat them there or an oven if you bring them home. The latter is the better option. If you are shopping for any sweets though, this is the place to go. An amazing array of beautiful Chilean pastries.

      Los Andes Bakery
      180 Valley St, Sleepy Hollow, NY