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Apr 29, 2008 05:13 PM

Looking for a nice brunch place for this Sunday...

I am looking for a nice place for brunch this Sunday for a special occasion. Does not have to be terribly fancy, but something nicer than a dive. Can be around Brookline or Boston. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Do you work there/own the place? I noticed that all three of your posts recommend Johnnie's. Either way, i'd love some details on your experience. I live close by and have been meaning to try it, but wasn't all that excited by the menus posted online.

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        Looks like the post I was responding to was removed.

    2. A bit upscale in Brookline would be Lineage or The Fireplace.

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        I've been loving Lineage lately, tho I haven't been for brunch...It's next on my list...

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          I would have to second Lineage. Excellent experience.

        2. I would suggest heading to the South End. Some favorites there include Aquitaine, POPS, Stella, and Hammersly's. All of these as well others would be perfect for a special occasion without being terribly fancy. Definitely do a search on this board, you will come up with more options!

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            Toro is great for brunch or maybe the new Orinocco in Brookline Village.

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              Of these, Aquitaine is the only place I have been to for brunch (although I have been to Hammersly's for dinner a few times and liked it). The food is fine, but the service was quite slow when I was there a few weeks ago. Pleasant, but slow.

            2. Sel de la Terre also does a really nice brunch at a reasonable price point.

              1. I also think lineage is a great choice. Eastern Standard does a great brunch too.

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                1. re: macadamianut

                  I just went to Eastern Standard for brunch this past Sunday as was sorely disappointed. I vaguely remember reading about disappointing brunches there when they first opened so I wasn't expecting much. Perhaps I was just bummed because they didn't have the steak and eggs that were on the menu listed online... I had the scrambled eggs and home fries instead. Overall it was just decent. Nothing special and definitely not worth the almost $40 for my meal and my dc's french toast (and all we had to drink was some oj!).

                  1. re: meaganl

                    I totally agree about ESK's brunch. I actually don't like it at all. It's very disappointing. Their regular breakfast is quite good, but the brunch is just not. Great Bay, right next door however has a great sunday brunch! I would highly recommend it!