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Apr 29, 2008 03:58 PM

Deli in Long Beach?

Anyone know of a good Delicatessen near the Belmont Heights/ Shore area?

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  1. There's an italian deli..Angelo's in Belmont Shore, on the corner of Laverne & 2nd. Very good. Then there's the gourmet deli place, Olives, on Broadway just west of Redondo.

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      1. re: Oh Robin

        I third Angelos...and they have this garlic spread that, although I left LB over five years ago, I still dream about it.

        Olives is ok.

        1. re: wineaux73

          theres another deli on santa fe and anaheim . cant remember the name of it though

          1. re: AGENT FOODIE

            that's santa fe importers. it's ok. i can occasionally find great stuff there: golden pheasant polenta, salted anchovies. but sandwiches are just ok, though it has a great reputation.

            depending on what you mean by "deli", I'd recommend Naples Gourmet Grocers. they do have sandwiches, but i haven't tried any yet. mostly, they've got amazing salumi, cheese, prosciutto, etc. and they're just starting out and could use a push.

    1. What are some of Angelo's specialties? I am in Palos Verdes, just wondering if it's worth the trip. Went up to Roma's in Pasadena for the sausages, and yes they are good, as were the beef and cheese ravioli.

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      1. re: JEN10

        I'm all about the calabrese, spicy salami with gorgonzola on ciabatta with garlic pesto spread. For pics...

      2. There's an AWESOME deli in downtown on Ocean & Linden called Modica's. Unbelievable sandwiches: prosciutto, pastrami...everything they make is great.

        1. O.K., I am going, just read some more reviews from others about Angelo's sandwhiches. Has anyone ever purchased and eaten their ravioli? Do they have good sausage for grilling? I will definetly be picking up a tub of that garlic sauce. My mouth is watering and I haven't even had it yet!