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Apr 29, 2008 03:49 PM

BJ Supermarket - Little India

No big epiphany...just a few good deals I thought I'd share.

Another post was asking for Ontario garlic to get away from the non-Chinese stuff. Well, they don't have Ontario, but there were some nice purplish cloves of Argentinian stuff. haven't tried them yet, but they look good.

Nuts. People looking to increase their nut consumption, this is a good place. 4lb bags of almonds for less than $16. I think that's a good deal. They taste good. They also have a good selection of cashews (the spicy ones are nice) and pistachios. I had the pistachios once...not so great.

Butter chicken marinade. If you're too busy to make it from scratch, they have the Kissan brand, which is nice. Most store-bought butter chicken sauce, i find seriously lacking in flavour. This stuff is good. I still add some extra spices when making it, but the base is definitely good.

$20 for a big block of paneer? Not for me, but somebody might be interested.

Oh yeah, and all the bulk spices.

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  1. ahhhhhh the BJ. in high school i used to stop there for a quick bite at lunch time (pseudo-sexual comments about the name in tow).
    still go there on occaision. sometimes the produce can be amazing and is always reasonable. prepared foods were always a hit back in the day but haven't bought anything recently. great place to browse as there are so many interesting things to look at. actually, i usually go for the same items mentioned above.

    1. This is my first stop Indian supply store. The spices are always fresh and reasonably priced and anything you could need. They have a great selection of Indian breads, frozen or fresh. All the different Indian flours, panneer and occasionally good vegetables including curry leaves.

      And the samosas at the cash are pretty good. Thanks for the tip on the nuts grandgourmand.

      1. I used to go there all the time for pakoras, but I was in there today and the woman behind the counter... well, I haven't been as steamed in a while!
        I was walking my 7 month old in his stroller, and I popped in to get some pakoras. I bagged them up, then started walking to the back to get some juice. The lady at the counter - who has always been rather rude - asked me to "leave the baby at the front of the store." I was like "not a chance." She asked a second time, and I responded the same way. Then she said that I could take my baby, who was literally a second away from sleeping, and pluck him out of his stroller, remove his blanket, and let him ride around in the shopping cart. I handed her the pakoras and walked out.
        To hell with this kind of service. She obviously doesn't have any kids if she thinks asking a new parent of a 7 month old baby to leave their child at the front of the store is ok.

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        1. re: gabdullah

          That's funny. The reason why I decided to read this thread was to see if someone mentioned that rude woman at the counter. My wife complains about her all the time, but hasn't had a confrontation with her as yet. Love the internet!

          1. re: currycue

            Seriously, wow! I won't even leave my dog alone out front, never mind a child. Sheesh!

          2. re: gabdullah

            Wow! That cashier was always cranky, but now she sounds mental! I've been shopping there for 15 years, and she knows me, yet the other day when I went in she barked at me to leave my shopping bag at the front. After 15 years she now thinks I'm a shoplifter. I walked out, and will never go back. She may find that her "anti shoplifting" strategy is going to cost her a LOT more in lost business and damaged reputation than the stupid cans of beans or whatever she assumes people would steal with the aid of their enviro-bags and sleeping babies.

          3. As a single shopper, I like the place, but I would not go back if someone told me to leave my child at the front of the store.

            1. The burbs have better stores.Cheaper and better food too. For eg . Punjabi Bazaar in Brampton.

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              1. re: garfield

                That place is not really a viable option for people who live in downtown Toronto. I'd never drive all the way out there from Riverdale.

                1. re: foodyDudey

                  She said something a little off to me once. I replied in French. She left me very much alone.