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Sep 6, 2002 12:50 PM

where to eat in L.A?????

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Hi, i am comming to L.A in a couple of weeks so can anyone tell me where it is good to eat. many thanks Liam (Birmingham) U.K

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    Michael Robertson Moore

    Welcome, Liam.

    A glance at this board should tell you that your options are limitless. So, a few questions: 1. Where in LA will you be staying? 2. Will you have access to a car? 3. Is there any type of food you particularly like (or want to experience for the first time)?

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      What he said and tell us if there's anything you just do not want.

    2. I've tried and failed to find a thread from maybe a couple months ago where someone asked a similar question, something like "where is the real LA" and got basically two lists, a list from me of the leading ethnic restaurants in various categories and a competing list of the restaurants left over from Raymond Chandler's LA of old. If anyone can find that thread, then it might be useful.

      In any case, the "where to eat now" feature from the LA Weekly is pretty reliable. I've attached a link.


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      1. re: Stan

        Aha -- I've found the "road trip" thread that included a couple of restaurant lists for you. It's attached.


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          I don't trust "Where To Eat Now" in the LA WEEKLY. It was a good read at first, but it's been in there for months. It hasn't changed either. Now it's just an advertising supplement. Wake up LA WEEKLY.

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            Maybe I'll go check my LA Zagat's.

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          Since your post doesn't specify what kind of food you like or where you are staying, here are the 'general must eats' of Los Angeles:

          1. Mexican food from tiny, beat-up little joints in neighborhoods like East LA or Highland Park. Ceviche, fish tacos, carne asada...

          2. Sushi- salmon is great pretty much anywhere....yellowtail is another one which is consistently good.

          3. In-N-Out Burger. Cheeseburger. fries, milk shake. Absolutely the best fast food you will ever have in your life.

          4. El Pollo Loco. Another fast food joint- this time Mexican chicken and fresh salsa. Get the chicken meals- flamed-broiled chicken, beans, rice, and tortillas.

          5. Wine. Drink lots of it. You can buy great bottles of wine at places like Trader Joe's for small change. Run to La Brea Bakery and buy a loaf of good bread, cut up some cheese and go sit in Griffith Park (put wine in thermos).

          I'm sure there are many more, but those are the things I think of when I think "Los Angeles."

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          1. re: tokyoastrogirl

            Wow...this is one of the most legitimately depressing things I have ever read.

            That someone would visit LA and eat at a shitty chain like El Pollo Loco instead of one of the many incredible chicken-specialty places we have here like Pollos A La Brasa, Dino's, TiGeorges, etc... hell, even a recommendation for Zankou would be better.

            If you must have that Mexican style chicken, Tacos JalapeƱos on Vermont does some incredible ones.

            It makes me weep to think of someone visiting LA and leaving thinking El Pollo Loco is one of our best culinary contributions to the world.

            1. re: BacoMan

              Does the fact that the post is 12(!) years old make it any less depressing?

              1. re: carolinadawg

                Maybe so.

                Did LA dining really suck that badly 12 years ago though?

          2. Go to Mario's Peruvian food on Vine and has been there for years! If you want authentic Mexican from Oaxaca Mexico, go to Guelaguetza on a
            Saturday night near pico in Korea Town. If you're on Hollywood Blvd, I recommend the meatloaf dinner and/or the macaroni and cheese with bacon of 'Kitchen 24'. If you're on a budget, go to 'skooby's hot Dogs' or Los Burritos Mexican food down the street and order the number 8 and highly encourage the tacos! Don't go to a franchise, cuz it's best to try quality tasting food that heads your way!

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              Just so you know, you are replying to a thread which was put up 11 and 1/2 years ago...without any intervening comments until yours.

            2. The original comment has been removed