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Apr 29, 2008 03:41 PM

Moms day brunch

Ok, planning a Mothers day brunch for someone who is a flexible vegetarian (eats fish, eggs and dairy). There will be 4-5 of us including a 10 month old - so not looking for a place that frowns on babies.

I would like it to be somewhat hip - but not willing to give up on quality of the food for the sake of hipness.

Any ideas?

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  1. Had a great mother's day brunch last year at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar.

    1. Pretty much everywhere on Mother's day will be expecting kids, I think. How about the Gallery Grill at Hart House or Thuet?

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      1. re: Cat123

        Hmmm..... havent been to JK - but have wanted to try it - is the space stroller friendly?

        I have been to the HH Grill - i like that they use a lot of organic/natural produce - but I found it is heavy on meats. And - Thuet is VERY heavy on meat.

        Seriously - we are looking for something for a flexible vegetarian - not a carnivore.

      2. Check out these recommendations for Mother's Day Brunch:

        1. I am a mother, and I am hoping that my family takes me to the new Cajun Corner for brunch. The menu looks wonderful and my pescatarian daughter will love the catfish.
          Now , I just have to hope that my kids read Chowhound.

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          1. re: emq

            Why not just tell your kids you want to go to Cajun Corner? It's your day ;-)

          2. The original comment has been removed