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Apr 29, 2008 03:08 PM

Buenos Aires..........

I will be in BA's for 7 nights in October. Can you help me with the top 7 fine dining restaurants in the city. I will be at the Four Seasons and $$$ is not important. My wife and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary. We love grand restaurants with great atmosphere, good food and fine wine. Thanks.

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  1. There are great threads on the South American Board on Buenos Aires, you just need to use the Search feature. In Buenos Aires don't miss Restó (only open for lunch and also on Thursday and Friday nights) and La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar. Also El Bistro at the Faena, Tomo I and Casa Felix. We searched out the creative, modern new chefs and we were rewarded with exciting food.
    (After spending nearly 3 months in Patagonia, you can imagine that our enthusiasm for asada and parilla had faded. But if that's what you want, go to El Trapiche in Palermo Hollywood. We liked it and Dan Perlman of Casa Saltshaker recommended it too. Using your Internet Explorer use "Edit" to "Find (on this page)" to search for El Trapiche or any other restauant we ate at on the Chow Thread called "Buenos Aires, Argentina Restaurant Reviews, etc. by ALEDM".)

    If you don't have time to search and read all of the Chow postings, read these two Chow threads:

    1. My Buenos Aires Restaurant Trip (particularly the part of the thread where we (ALEDM) try to organize and list all of the other Chow postings and threads on eating in BA) at:

    2. Buenos Aires, Argentina Restaurant Reviews, etc. by ALEDM

    Hope this helps.

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      My tips for the best restaurants in BA:

      * Resto
      * Thymus
      * Casa Felix
      * Social Paraiso
      * La Cabrera

    2. For top fine dining:

      Nothing beats Maat in Belgrano - beautiful old palacio that's been converted to a private club, but their restaurant is open to non-club members if they don't have a function going on that evening.

      I'd second the recommendation for Thymus, in Palermo - cozy, warm, great space. The food is creative - sometimes a bit too much for its own good and the occasional dish misses the mark, but overall you'll have a great meal.

      Casals de Catalunya in San Telmo for probably the best Spanish based food in the city and in a wonderful old mansion that's been converted to be the restaurant and a cultural museum that's upstairs.

      Great meals at Aires de Patagonia in Puerto Madero - very creative, wonderful food from the far south of the country, with a winelist that focuses on the region as well.

      While Casa Felix, Social Paraiso, and La Cabrera are great places to eat, as MaestroSid suggested, I'm not sure I'd put them in the top end fine dining category. On the flip side, if you don't mind spending less money in a non-grand atmosphere, you'll have a great meal at any one of them. Resto, I simply don't care for - I get why people do, but it's not my thing.

      1. Check out my post "25 Days in Buenos Aires..." I reviewed a bunch of great places in the city. Based on what you're looking for, I'd recommend Les Anciens Combattants (but mind the neighborhood), Thymus, Aramburu and Resto.

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          LA VINERIA DE GUALTERIO BOLIVAR is great..I went there for lunch , no reservation needed, girlfriend and I ordered the prix lunch 3 courses thats only menu they have for lunch..but do try the french soup! and the Bondiola! awesome! as a native of ARgentina the wine they serve is superb! 3 glasses and the lunch totalled 65 pesos..roughly 20 dollars and change! great deal... i was told if i wanted to meet the famous chef to come in for friday nite or saturday nite dinner, thats when the master chef cooks behind the stove..

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            also u must try the ice cream from freddo's! its a chain of homemade italian ice creme, ask for crema americana! omg...

            also go to el patio cervercero in san telmo for the wide selecton beers and regional style empandas! i had the jujena empanada and entrerios empanadas.. the pizza is the best! longaniza alla calabresa pizza! must try!