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Apr 29, 2008 02:38 PM

Good business lunch spot near 7th ave, Mid to Downtown

Hi everyone, is there a good restaurant you would recommend for business lunch in that area? Anywhere between 14 th and 40th... best case some where in the middle (20's-30's). It's a zone that doesn't have any restaurants that pop out, but I'm sure more local folks will have a much better idea than I...

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  1. Amongst the many appropriate restaurants in the area, Keen's Steakhouse 36, & 6th is a favorite. A bonus is good single malt selection to lubricate afternoon deals.

    1. You really should have lots of options, bpm. Tabla is one of my favorites for the food, the volume level (not too loud at lunch, but not too hushed, either), and the well spaced tables. It's on Madison ave at 25th, two blocks east of 7th.

      I haven't had lunch there, but there are some vocal proponents of Eleven Madison Park, right next door to Tabla.

      Both are very nice, decor-wise. Tabla is a little more casual.

      Another popular business lunch place is Morimoto by/in Chelsea Market at 15th / 16th st. and 10th ave. It's architecturally stunning. I have not personally enjoyed the food there, but again, you'll find proponents on this board.