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Apr 29, 2008 02:20 PM

"Iron Tomato" White Plains

It's taken a long time, but this new spot on Mamaroneck Ave. looks ready to open any day. Does anyone know the backstory behind this place? Are the owners from anywhere else? Is it a deli, a market, both?

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  1. I passed by yesterday Wizza and I'm wondering if this is the italian market that someone posted would be coming to White Plains a while ago. I can't find the post but recall something about an Arthur Ave place opening another location up here. I know Iron Tomato doesn't sound like an Arthur Ave place and not even specifically Italian so don't feel confident this is related to the previous information.

    I hope bumping your post back up on top of the board will result in some info.

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      That was me. Iron Tomato will indeed be selling meats from Vincent's (the butcher) on Arthur Ave. I am glad to see this project is finally becoming complete, and can't wait to check it out.
      However, the really exciting news re: Vincent's is the Italian market coming to Northern Westchester. It's an ambitious concept among partners in the Italian food business on Arthur Ave. (among others), and I hope to see it come to fruition sometime soon... they broke ground last year, but I can't recall at the moment where it is- somewhere in the Chappaqua/Mt. Kisco vicinity.

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        I walked by and peered in through a hole in the paper (windows are still covered). I have to say, the shop looks really nice. It's much larger than I expected, and very spacious and modern, with a lot of brand new wood shelving, good lighting and several cases/counters. I couldn't tell how close they were to opening, but did notice that many of the shelves were already fully-stocked with what looked like italian import products.
        Very exciting.
        Another good sign: they are currently hiring for several positions, including pizzaiolo and barista.
        Mamaroneck Ave. on the corner at Mitchell.

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          I called on Friday 5/9 to ask if they were open, and the woman who answered told me that they were still "setting up" and it would be another couple of weeks :(
          I don't know why it is taking this long- the shelves were already stocked when I peered in over a week ago. Perhaps they are still waiting for equipment.

    2. Where exactly on Mamaroneck Ave is it???

      1. Liuz Johnson posted about this place on her blog i think last week... and she has pictures!


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          Remember the corner where the furniture rent-a-center used to be, right across from Duane Reed? About a block away from Quoroppas. It is 1 block south of Martine.

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            anyone have approx address please..thanks

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                Mamaroneck Ave. on the corner at Mitchell...thanks

        2. They have everything--pizza, deli sandwiches, fresh sushi-grade fish, espresso bar, italian deserts & gelato, prepared dishes, and retail products. They just opened yesterday--the Iron Tomato is phenomenal!! The employees were very helpful and well informed about all the products in the store. The buffalo mozzarella was TO DIE FOR--SOOOOO GOOD! The pizza tastes great and they have an excellent selection of pasta and sauces for purchase--a place you must check out--I was very impressed!!!

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            This place is even nicer than I could have hoped for; in addition to the great array of Italian items, they have fresh groceries too like veggies/fruits and seafood, and great prepared items as well. They even have Ronnybrook which is one of my fave dairy brands which I always got in the city. Prices seem reasonable. Kudos!

          2. We went today to check it out. Very nice store! We sampled an interesting selection of cheeses. The prepared items looked very fresh and appetizing. The meat counter was quite nice. Plenty of prime meats at prices that were not outrageous. We bought some fresh mozzarella (we sampled some-- very good!) and a few varieties of Italian sausage-- we have yet to find Arthur Avenue quality sausage in Westchester, so I'm hoping we have a new sausage store here. I'll report back after we try them.

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              Hi, I work there, and there will be table service, waiting for a finalized menu and tables/chairs, (indoor/outdoor).