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"Iron Tomato" White Plains

It's taken a long time, but this new spot on Mamaroneck Ave. looks ready to open any day. Does anyone know the backstory behind this place? Are the owners from anywhere else? Is it a deli, a market, both?

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  1. I passed by yesterday Wizza and I'm wondering if this is the italian market that someone posted would be coming to White Plains a while ago. I can't find the post but recall something about an Arthur Ave place opening another location up here. I know Iron Tomato doesn't sound like an Arthur Ave place and not even specifically Italian so don't feel confident this is related to the previous information.

    I hope bumping your post back up on top of the board will result in some info.

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      That was me. Iron Tomato will indeed be selling meats from Vincent's (the butcher) on Arthur Ave. I am glad to see this project is finally becoming complete, and can't wait to check it out.
      However, the really exciting news re: Vincent's is the Italian market coming to Northern Westchester. It's an ambitious concept among partners in the Italian food business on Arthur Ave. (among others), and I hope to see it come to fruition sometime soon... they broke ground last year, but I can't recall at the moment where it is- somewhere in the Chappaqua/Mt. Kisco vicinity.

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        I walked by and peered in through a hole in the paper (windows are still covered). I have to say, the shop looks really nice. It's much larger than I expected, and very spacious and modern, with a lot of brand new wood shelving, good lighting and several cases/counters. I couldn't tell how close they were to opening, but did notice that many of the shelves were already fully-stocked with what looked like italian import products.
        Very exciting.
        Another good sign: they are currently hiring for several positions, including pizzaiolo and barista.
        Mamaroneck Ave. on the corner at Mitchell.

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          I called on Friday 5/9 to ask if they were open, and the woman who answered told me that they were still "setting up" and it would be another couple of weeks :(
          I don't know why it is taking this long- the shelves were already stocked when I peered in over a week ago. Perhaps they are still waiting for equipment.

    2. Where exactly on Mamaroneck Ave is it???

      1. Liuz Johnson posted about this place on her blog i think last week... and she has pictures!


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          Remember the corner where the furniture rent-a-center used to be, right across from Duane Reed? About a block away from Quoroppas. It is 1 block south of Martine.

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            anyone have approx address please..thanks

              1. re: vvvindaloo

                Mamaroneck Ave. on the corner at Mitchell...thanks

        2. They have everything--pizza, deli sandwiches, fresh sushi-grade fish, espresso bar, italian deserts & gelato, prepared dishes, and retail products. They just opened yesterday--the Iron Tomato is phenomenal!! The employees were very helpful and well informed about all the products in the store. The buffalo mozzarella was TO DIE FOR--SOOOOO GOOD! The pizza tastes great and they have an excellent selection of pasta and sauces for purchase--a place you must check out--I was very impressed!!!

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            This place is even nicer than I could have hoped for; in addition to the great array of Italian items, they have fresh groceries too like veggies/fruits and seafood, and great prepared items as well. They even have Ronnybrook which is one of my fave dairy brands which I always got in the city. Prices seem reasonable. Kudos!

          2. We went today to check it out. Very nice store! We sampled an interesting selection of cheeses. The prepared items looked very fresh and appetizing. The meat counter was quite nice. Plenty of prime meats at prices that were not outrageous. We bought some fresh mozzarella (we sampled some-- very good!) and a few varieties of Italian sausage-- we have yet to find Arthur Avenue quality sausage in Westchester, so I'm hoping we have a new sausage store here. I'll report back after we try them.

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              Hi, I work there, and there will be table service, waiting for a finalized menu and tables/chairs, (indoor/outdoor).

            2. do they have an area where you can get table service? if so, do they serve dinner?

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              1. re: southlake

                There is no table service, but if I remember correctly, there is a small area where you can eat what you buy there.

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                  Stopped by today. Ordered a Margarita pizza which was quite good but a little expensive at $10 for the personal size (4 slices). People at an adjoining table were sharing a large portion of eggplant parm which looked REALLY good. Many thin slices in a thick block. I wont be returning for the pizza, but I will definitely return for the eggplant. I'm not sure they are using microwavable plastic to reheat the food. On the way out I ordered an iced coffee. The young lady poured piping hot coffee into a plastic cup, then added ice. Thats not the way to do it!

                  1. re: budinado

                    hi, sorry to intervene, but I thought that iced coffee order sounded odd myself. I work there, so I asked the young lady in the coffee shop about how she makes said iced coffee......
                    sugar is mixed with a bit of hot coffee, (less than a 1/4 cup), to dissolve it. (as we know you will be drinking/crunching on sugar crystals otherwise).
                    Then is topped off with the cold iced coffee kept in a pitcher in a refrigerator under the hot coffee urn.
                    The only way around this, is to use a liquid sugar, which I imagine would have a syrupy artificial quality.

                    1. re: Chzprincess

                      Liquid sugar is known as simple syrup and it is just sugar dissolved in water. It just tastes like sugar and has no "syrupy artificial quality."

                      1. re: roxlet

                        ok, well, like I said, I "imagine" it would taste syrupy, I've never actually had it.... I'll mention/suggest the product to my boss. Thanks for the info! :-)

              2. I've visited the Iron Tomato two times since it has opened. Both times I have walked out without purchasing anything. I found this store to be nothing special and way over priced. It it a very poor attempt at creating a gourment or specialty Italian market. It does not compare remotely to even average stores in Manhattan or the better ones like Balduccis, Citeralla or even Fairway. Cosmo in Mamaroneck is best local Italian market I know of.

                Prepared foods were very unappealing to the eye. Seafood is apparently sold in such small quanties that the few pieces of fish looked absurd in the huge counter. I think I will pass on $25 a pound tuna regardless.

                The cheese and olive selection was nice.

                The store is nice looking, but the full execution is disappointing.

                I think the name gives one a clear understanding of what to expect - over the top, high end wanna be with ridiculous prices.

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                1. re: jeremykatz

                  >>Cosmo in Mamaroneck is best local Italian market I know of.

                  I agree. And you can find free parking.

                  >>over the top, high end wanna be with ridiculous prices.

                  Opened to appeal to the new citizens, no doubt.

                    1. re: raider

                      Cosmo and Alex, 252 Mamaroneck Ave., Mamaroneck, (914) 381-4402.

                      1. re: raider

                        Cosmo & Alex Pisano Bros
                        252 Mamaroneck Ave
                        Mamaroneck, NY 10543

                        (914) 381-4402‎

                        Weekdays are best for prepared foods, If you don't see it, just ask. They probably have it somewhere.

                        Fresh pasta is just down the street at:

                        Mercurio Fresh PastaMercurio Fresh Pasta

                        1 review - Write a review

                        363 Mamaroneck Ave
                        Mamaroneck, NY 10543

                        (914) 698-4127‎

                        A very good Italian bakery is just a few doors down from Cosmo:

                        Boiano Bakery

                        Write a review
                        258 Mamaroneck Ave
                        Mamaroneck, NY 10543

                        (914) 698-2070‎

                        1. re: jeremykatz

                          Boiano is a good bakery, jeremykatz -- they're owned by Cosmo and Alex. The custard tarts are delish.

                          1. re: dolores

                            Totally agree on both places and I don't know why Boiano doesn't get more props here or in the neighborhood in general. It's not Veneiros (my fave) but it's pretty darn good. Some of the best biscotti anywhere btw.

                            1. re: laylag

                              laylag, where is Veneiros? Not in downtown WP, I hope.

                              1. re: dolores

                                first ave and eleventh street in the east village. may have had some recent board of health problems -- that needs to be verified -- but there is nothing better in this whole wide world than venieros ricotta cheese cake and iced cappucino (with a big dollop of gelati).

                                1. re: raider

                                  Gelati on iced cappuccino? Wow, that sounds wonderful.

                                  East Village -- is that anywhere near the 60s so I can get the best bagels in NY from Bagelworks?

                                  JK, but Venieros sounds like it's worth a visit. Thanks.

                                  1. re: raider

                                    oh I hope the board of health problems are not true or not significant. The ricotta cheesecake is ethereal. We lived a couple blocks away and we'd buy a bunch of stuff and plan to have it for many days and usually end up devouring most of it in one evening. I'm thinking about that cheesecake now and heading into the city tomorrow... dangerous.

                        2. re: dolores

                          you know, Dolores, with all due respect, i'm getting really tired of your anti-White Plains rhetoric. Yes there are lots of new people there and yes there isn't free parking, and sometimes there is some capitalization on people with fat wallets. Do the new joints compare on the cost/quality ratio with comparable stuff in Manhattan, maybe not. But overall, most people agree White Plains is a lot nicer than it used to be, is a convenient alternative to Manhattan, and gentrification is a good thing. I for one will take the good of the new and improved White Plains over the supposed 'bad' anyday if it means better, brighter surroundings and even if you don't think so, better food and markets. As for any grave inconveniences in terms of parking, I find it laughable in comparison to what you find in Manhattan.

                          Jeremy's assessment seems to be an unfair assessment IMO. No Iron Tomato isn't Citarella or Fairway, but most places aren't, and I didn't find the prices ridiculous, at least no worse than Whole Foods. I will take this 'wanna be' anyday over what there is, which is nothing else in the immediate downtown area.

                          1. re: jeanki

                            My experience has been mixed, but overall positive. Is it a "destination" gourmet experience? No. Could it be? Maybe, but probably not. However, it is a crucial addition to downtown White Plains because it is the first retail grocer/market that is walkable to residents and workers in WP. At the least, It saves a drive to the supermarket on the walk home to or from the train. That's what probably people who don't live/work in WP don't get-it is valued not because it is better than places we could drive to in Mamaroneck or Manhattan; it is valued because it is NOT IN Mamaroneck or Manhattan, and it fills a real need quite well.

                            1. re: jeanki

                              I'd rather have it than not have it. I live within walking distance to downtown and actually miss the Food Emporium. As bad as it was, it was convenient. I like the new White Plains better than the old too, I just think the execution comes up short on many things. I'm really busy and have little time to cook meals. I want a place that has things I can quickly throw together for dinner. My survey of last night's choices made the appetizing counter at Stop and Shop look interesting.

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                                I like Iron Tomato. No, it is not good for all things, but in Westchester, I can't think of a store that is. We tend to drive around quite a bit buying meat here, fish there, produce somewhere else. We bought a prime steak from Iron Tomato last week that was quite good. Much better than we are able to get at whole foods. Their cheese counter is interesting, and not priced any higher than comparable places. Their mozzarella was fresh and good. The prices of the Italian canned goods I looked at were not outrageous either. I didn't love the looks of their prepared foods, but I don't generally buy prepared foods anywhere.

                                I don't know what the big deal is about the lack of free parking in White Plains. Last I checked in Mamaroneck (this very morning), there were meters there as well.

                                1. re: Shawn

                                  My family and I wandered into the Iron Tomato yesterday and I have been back twice so far - Cappuccino was fresh and smooth - I spoke to the person who took my order and made it - She did not have to call it our or mark up a cup to get it right -and for $2.25 - a nice alternative to the green and brown place around the corner -

                                  The gelatos and sorbets (there were five of us so we had a well rounded tasting) were fresh and tasted like their names (blood orange was tart and refreshing, cappuccino was good coffee, dulce de leche was sweet)

                                  I found the grocery prices comparable to those at other specialty shops - some even lower than expected - A can of French Walnut Oil was only $10 - The pasta selection had my children giggling - Penne Gigante - and I have yet to find Farro pasta at Whole Foods - After a lifetime of eating fresh Cerignola olives and not always having them on hand, I was excited to find them jarred - now I can have an emergency stock on hand

                                  I love the Italian shops in Mamaroneck and will shop there if I am that end of the county but with gas prices rising - I will gladly walk to the Iron Tomato and partake of their wares -

                                  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable - Jillian (at the gelato counter in the evenings) is already familiar with my daughter Maya and her love of little pink spoons -

                                  Let's enjoy what we have and support the effort they have put forth and hope the Iron Tomato does not meet the same demise as Gourmet Garage - It wasn't perfect but certainly had a lot to offer at the time

                          2. I want to add that we tried their Italian fennel sausage last night. I found it to be the best Italian sausage we have bought in Westchester. We have tried plenty of places, from sausage shops to Italian specialty stores to gourmet markets, and had been disappointed with what was available here. It's nice to be able to get this type of quality without a trip to the city or Arthur Avenue. I love Cosmo & Alex and it's closer to my home, but not their sausages.

                            1. I picked up all the necessary ingredients for amatriciana yesterday. The whole order came to about $10 including the guanciale and can of San Marzano tomatoes!

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                              1. re: rifkind81

                                Do they sell guanciale by the (small) piece, as opposed to having to buy the whole jowl?? Thanks...

                                1. re: Marge

                                  Yes...you can purchase small pieces!

                                  1. re: rifkind81

                                    Does anyone recall how the "old" White Plains looked at night? As a White Plains resident I am grateful for the positive changes and the real estate taxes that my friends in my former hometown, Scarsdale, envy. We love to shop for Italian specialties in Arthur Avenue but when I want something without the drive I'll be happy to get it at Iron Tomato.We sat in and ate salads that were fresh and delicious. It is convenient, bright, extremely clean, and the prices of fresh food are comparable to other high end markets.

                                    1. re: lucyis

                                      If you can get there late morning and eat the still-warm mozzarella, you are in for a singular treat.

                                      1. re: roxlet

                                        Recently had one of their marguerita personal pizzas, freshly made on the spot, oven fired and totally delicious. And only $8. The gelato is awesome too.

                                        1. re: jeanki

                                          Jeanki, I have to agree. My husband and I stopped up there on Saturday (July 26) - it's not Arthur Avenue, certainly, but it's pretty good - to have a go-to place when you can't get to Teitel Bros. or the Market. The eggplant parm is terrific and the gelato is heavenly - the blood orange is a new favorite and my husband bought 2 containers of the lemon. We got there late morning and were able to buy a freshly-made mozzarella - SHEER HEAVEN! I also love the fact that the cannoli shells aren't filled until you order them - they are so nice and crisp! I don't understand why people complain about parking - ever seen the double-parked cars on Arthur Avenue every Saturday? The cheese selection was quite good, too. Sure, it doesn't satisfy everyone, but it's a good start. I understand they may be offering delivery to the local offices in a few months.

                                          1. re: ree823

                                            I agree. I live in Manhattan, but spend a lot of time in WP (my bf lives there). Iron Tomato is a terrific addition to the neighborhood. WP isn't Manhattan so it's definitey not fair to compare it to anything other than what it is.

                                            That said, i have had overall positive experience. I don't go there for everything. In fact, I am embarrassed to say that we still buy our baguettes from Atlanta Bread (embarassed because I live in Manhattan and am supposed to shun homogenized chains - haha).

                                            But, the staff is wonderful! Extremely friendly and helpful. The cheese selection is great and they will let you taste and help you choose appropriately. Their grilled veggie panini is wonderful and their Napoleans - well, just get one. Their little linzer tart cookies are also delicious!

                                            If you choose carefully, it's definitely worth a stop.