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Carmine's Shelton CT anyone have the inside scoop?

Been watching this place being built for awhile now and it look like they are close to opening. They had to spend a fortune on remodeling the old DiMauro's Dairy Bar. It doesn't look anything like the old place. Sign out front says wood fired oven in Italian. Anyone have the inside scoop about this place? Thanks, Richie

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      There's a "Now Hiring" sign in the window, for what that's worth. I'll probably be driving by there this evening, so will see if it looks open yet.

    2. I just drove thru there, yesterday. Is it small? Is it just pizza, or can you tell?

      1. I have no clue. The sgn outside says Brick Oven Pizza in Italian. I am thinking it will be just another family run Italian restaurant.

        1. Drove by there 6-ish tonight, and it didn't look open for business.

          1. Carmine's is owned by the guy who used to (but sold) "The Brick Oven" restaurant in bridgeport on capitol ave - near the brooklawn country club.

            The food there was great, looking forward to trying this place - hoping the style of food and their pizza especially is the same. I've heard it'll be opening end of June.

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            1. re: deez

              Thanks, I am familiar with Brick Oven Pizza!

              1. re: javaandjazz

                that's them... been anxiously awaiting the opening of the new place for quite a while now. Tried calling today and just got a machine.. I was hoping when I heard the end of the month, it wouldn't literally be the end.

                I guess good things come to those who wait. (but I'm so hungry) :)

                1. re: deez

                  I called and got an answer a couple days ago. Not open yet, said they are figuring they'll be opening around the 2nd week of July now.

            2. I know about this place I heard they are opening in the second week of july,i have applied there and its very nice in there,the inside looks like a real authentic italian restaurant.I should know because i am siciliano.The owner of the place is very nice he comes from napoli(this is very typical) but the food is very inexpensive for a place that is gonna be new,hopefully we will get alot of customers.I have also noticed that the place down the street(bella vista) is closed for renovations for a couple of days now,im sure its because there is a new pizza place(carmines)down the street and will most definitly wipe out every pizza place in shelton(but who am i to judge).So I sugest you to come down one day(whom ever reads this)and eat some real good food!who knows,you might like it alot(if not love it) my sugestion is to always try spaggheti bolognese(spagehti with meat sauce) alright then ciao! A doppo.

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              1. re: sicilianovero

                I called today and was told they will be opening on July, 22. Looking forward to it as we always enjoyed the "original" brick oven in Bridgeport. Not so much anymore!

                  1. re: Ima Foodie

                    I don't know the exact address but It's in Shelton on Route 110 (River Road). It's a new building erected on the site of the old DiMauro's Lunchonette which listed it's address as 376 River Road. I would imagine that Carmines would use the same address.

                    1. re: Jimmy Cantiello

                      Carmines is open they have a great kids menu and the prices are decent so far they have been open for a couple of days and the place is jam packed. People are even parking on the side streets
                      Besides Pizza, they have chicken, veal, fish, and pasta dishes. I hope the food is good seeing as though they spent so much, money time and effort to make the place nice

                      1. re: Jimmy Cantiello

                        That is the existing address as well

                1. My husband and I went to Carmine's tonight for dinner (7/25/08). We walked to the restaurant as we live right around the corner. The transformation from Dimauro's Luncheonette to fine dining was nothing less than phenomenal. The restaurant is warm and inviting with beautiful warm colors, tile, wall sconces, wainscoating, colorwashing and a beautiful cherry finished bar. It's much larger on the inside than it appears on the outside. The food was good. I had Chicken Marsala with a side of pasta and my husband had Lasagna. We split garlic bread with mozzarella cheese. We had tiramisu and tartufo for dessert. The service was good and we chatted with fellow diners and met some of our neighbors. Overall it was a great expericence and the food isn't too expensive so we will return. The menu consists of pasta, chicken, veal and fish dishes. It is very traditional Italian. The wood fired oven is not visible from the dining room, but I saw some diners eating individual pizzas. The restaurant did move from Bridgeport and was formerly called Brick Oven Pizza.

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                  1. re: alorem59

                    If this is the old "Brick Oven Pizza" from Bpt, it certainly deserves a visit. I hope to post soon, as I have gotten used to New Haven pizza.

                    1. re: stormshadow

                      Does anyone know if this restaurant is part of "Carmine's" in NYC, which opened in Lincoln, Rhode Island March, 2007 and closed for good the other night? (They were located in the Twin River Mini-Casino Complex).

                      In Lincoln, there was much buzz/excitement and quite a bit of media attention when they first opened; supposedly the only restaurant which they opened outside of Manhattan.

                      (The crowds of people waiting to get in were enormous; usually there was a two to three hour wait to get in last Spring/Summer/Fall. It was billed as a 'family style' restaurant, and that's how they served - most of the dinners were in the $25+ price range, but each dinner portion was enough to serve four. They didn't serve 'individual size portions'.)

                      1. re: OOliver

                        I don't think this Carmine's has anything at all to do with any other Carmine's.