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Apr 29, 2008 02:13 PM

Dinner Gathering for Chowhounders over 40


Hello all,

I know there is a "google" chowhound group for Toronto members that gets a fairly young crowd (mostly in their late teens and 20's). I'd like to suggest a new Toronto group for Chowhound site fans over 40 to occasionally gather to try new local restaurants. We will report our reviews on the board.

Any suggestions for our first meeting? Please drop a line to:

Look forward to hearing from you,

Suzie Q

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  1. Hi Suzie Q!

    The Chowhound_Toronto google group is actually mostly folks in their 30s, with likely a few in their 40s and a couple in their 20s. As far as I know, there are no teenagers. But regardless of the current makeup, everyone is welcome, regardless of age! Obviously, you're welcome to start a group if you want to. But we'd love to see you and anyone else join us for the monthly chowdowns. All you need is a near-freakish passion for food!

    If you or anyone is interested in the monthly Toronto chowdowns, you can join the google group here:

    Also, you (and anyone else) are welcome to use the existing google group to organize whatever kind of gathering you want. It's not limited to the monthly chowdowns.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      My intention is not to exclude anyone, however, there are Chowhound members in their 40's, 50's and beyond who might feel more comfortable with people in their own age group. I used to go to a few chowhound google group meetings. While the members were very nice, I felt out of place being a couple of decades older than the average person -- many were university students.

      From the responses I've received so far, people seem to like the idea of a 40 plus Chowhound group. Can't hurt to try!