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Apr 29, 2008 01:40 PM

bar/bat mitzvah menu

Does anyone have any suggestions for a bar/bat mitzvah menu (for the adults) they think may be noteworthy? We live in a major metropolitan area and all of the caterers suggestions seem boring and kind of "been there, done that". (One caterer even suggested a white fish with mashed potatoes and a green vegetable.) I'd like something a bit more "modern". I appreciate any suggestions or thoughts.

Thank you.

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  1. I feel your disappointment. I just went through this, my daughters Bat Mitzvah was in January and I was extrememly frustrated. Since we had been to so many of these I really wanted something different. What I ended up doing was veering away from the idea of a classic "sit down" dinner for the adults and we ended up having an interesting menu that was actually fun.

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    1. are you looking for sit-down served, or would a sit-down but service stations be tolerable?

      modern, you could do stations w/ different ethnic cuisines, beyond italian, chinese... you could do ethiopian, thai or sushi/japanese, german, etc.

      the other thing to consider is gaging how open your crowd is on the whole to "modern" ideas, particularly the older relatives. if i was unconcerned with money and palates, i'd serve an omakase. if japanese/sushi is too out there, you could do a tasting menu of sorts, depending what city you're in, find a local hot chef and have him design a menu. if this isn't desirable, you could also look to menus from your favorite restaurants for inspiration, and see what they have going on new and innovative and copy it.

      a modern throwback could be fun too... a nouveau meatloaf made w/ bison, smashed yams, lobster cakes, broccoli rabe, gourmet mac'n'cheese, etc.

      don't know if any of that is up your alley, but mazel tov nonetheless!

      depending upon how extravagant you want to be, you could also do an izakaya type concept or a korean bbq or fondue

      1. Are you looking for a Kosher meal ... or Kosher-style? That would, of course, make it a bit more challenging (someone else's suggestion that included lobster would, of course be out).

        If not, you might want to consider something "fun" for the kids -- a taco or pasta bar, perhaps and a lovely sit-down meal for the adults with a similar, but more sophisticated theme.

        Another novel idea might be tapas for the tables with small dishes for guests to share.

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        1. re: chicgail

          Look through Kosher by Design...I've gotten some good ideas for catering from there.

        2. 80 adults (approx), very few seniors, fairly sophisticated adults (pasta and pizza bar for the kids). I like (and appreciate your ideas) ANYTHING but "chicken served on a bed of cauliflower" with roasted root vegetables (which is what I was given from a caterer today!)

          THANK YOU!

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          1. re: mayhem

            When my daughter was Bat Mitzvah, I served only vegetarian and fish-- kosher fish. Even though I may stray from kashrut I figured this was no time for lobster and shrimp. We had a buffet, it wasn't on the fancy end. We had whole roasted salmon with various sauces, Moroccan savory pastries with mushroom and eggplant, raviolis with different sauces for the kids, roasted asparagus and potatoes, green salads, Moroccan marinated vegetable salads, fruit salads, ice cream with sauces, really good cake---
            Even though it was milchik and not the highest cost category, people were happy.

            1. re: wearybashful

              I really think I want to do a sit down dinner for the adults, buffet for the kids. I think I'll do an Italian or Asian theme for the kids (my son's favorites), but I'm open for the adults. I like the idea of looking at some local restaurant for ideas and LOVE the idea of Moroccan savory pastries, maybe even a Moroccan themed dinner? I can't do fish (my mother won't eat fish, which is a problem). I don't do shrimp or lobster, so that won't be a problem either. I'll look through Kosher for Design.

              Any other suggestions are WELCOME. THANK YOU!