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Apr 29, 2008 01:38 PM

blue agave sweetener--how do you use it?

Any pointers out there? I picked up some at Trader Joe's. Reminiscient in texture and flavor of a light-bodied honey, no distinctive flavor, really.

Thanks for any information. I've looked at Whole Foods and sites already; I'd appreciate some insights from Chow folk.

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  1. Agave is my sweetener of choice for coffee & salad dressings (& really any recipe that calls for honey). It can also be substituted for sugar in most baking recipes, it will off-balance dry/liquid ratios so I usually substitute about half agave & half unrefined sugar and test batches until you find a nice ratio.

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      Thanks very much for the information!

      1. Pour a shallow pool of cream in a bowl. Top with a Wheatbix (also from TJ), drizzle the syrup on top.

        1. I use it instead of granulated sugar for things like iced tea where the granulated sugar doesn't disolve easily. I've heard that it metabolizes diferently than sugar so you so don't experience as much of a "sugar low", and that it is sweeter so you can use less, (it has the same amount of calories).

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            >> I've heard that it metabolizes diferently than sugar ...

            I've heard the same thing, but I can't remember where. I'd love to learn more about this. Does anyone have a link to more information in this area?

            Me, I bought some organic blue agave syrup because of vague impressions of its health-related properties. But it turns out that I really like the taste. I use it in place of honey in dishes where a honey flavor would be too strong. But mostly I drizzle it on my morning oatmeal.


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              There is a wiki article about the syrup. It is a high fructose sweetener, though I've also seen mention of a more complex fructose base molecule. The health claims have to do with a low glycimic index - is absorbed much slower than glucose. Ordinary sugar falls in between since digestion breaks a sucrose modelcule into a fructose and a glucose.

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