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Apr 29, 2008 01:36 PM

New Chef/Changed Menu @ Green Street

There is a new chef at Green Street. Be interested in what people think of the new menu. I tried the short rib appetizer, which was one of the best dishes I have had there in a long time. Little bit of spice (sorely lacking on the menu) with the jalapeno, grilled romaine/bread salad, and the ribs are sliced a different way than normal. Very tasty. Dylan also continues to expand his beer selection, which I think is the best in town.

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  1. Had the short rib app there the other night; delicious -- took a while to wrap my brain around how exactly they were cut -- the ribs form a sort of daisy chain; oval cross-sections of bone (i.e. you can see the marrow) that hold together wonderfully moist sections of rib meat that have been pounded out pretty thin. 3 of these rib-meat chains, plus the salad made for a generous app. I paired it with the jalapeƱo cornbread/chipotle aioli with cabbage slaw to form a mini soul-food dinner. Good stuff, but had no idea these were new items, first time at Green St... will be back for much more.

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      What you describe sounds like a kalbi-style cut of short-rib, cutting down the length of the ribcage instead of along each rib. I have been eyeing this item for a while but haven't had the chance to go for dinner yet.

      Dylan said that the new chef used to work at a butcher shop and had some great ideas for the offal and cure menus as well.

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        And that's saying something, coming from the Sausage King of Chicago.

      2. Do you mean Peter Suentenfuss has left Green Street? If so, I wonder where to.

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                There is no "John" from Great Bay working in the kitchen at Green Street. The new chef is Greg Reeves, formerly of B&G and The Butcher Shop in the South End. He left the South End a few weeks ago after splitting his time running the kitchens at B&G and TBS for over three and a half years. Greg is a VERY talented chef, and it's no surprise that his work is being noticed.

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              You are correct; slip o' my finger. I've managed to spell his name properly here and elsewhere before!

          1. This explains it - I met a friend there Friday night and enjoyed the soft shell crab special and cocktails so much that I insisted my wife go back there with me Saturday night - again, the drinks and the grazing we did at the bar (house cure of chicken livers, the short rib, the hot dog, and mussels - by far the best mussels I've had in a long time - far outstripping current favorite at Central Kitchen in spite of no frites - amazing creamy sauce...). The soft shell crab special was gone by the time we arrived Sat night (7p?), but I probably would have ordered it again - the crab was fresh and huge, lightly breaded and fried, served with a mild sriracha (sp?) sauce-wow (cornbread? underneath didn't add much for me, however).

            Both bartenders were completely awesome both nights (one was Misty, I think per the receipt and maybe the other was Dylan, or is he the manager?). I can't wait to go back again soon - maybe in a couple of days! Their Flora Vieja is my new favorite beverage along with their Seventh Heaven which I've always liked a lot!

            Has anyone had the rhubarb dessert?

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              Misty's the bar manager, Dylan the owner, both outstanding bartenders, among my very favorites.

            2. Beer selection is good, I like it that the nicer restaurants are taking the time to also choose better beer--like Hungry Mother, Gargoyles, and Highland Kitchen.

              DC had the salmon, which was very tasty; my billion-layered lasagna was OK, the spicy sauce was very good--it hit the spot. Iggy's francese bread starts the meal. Great spot to sit at the bar :)

              1. This is good to know. How long as the new chef been there?

                I posted a couple weeks ago about my desire for Green St. to add a bar menu (I still hope they do!), but this change will certainly have me retrying the food.