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Apr 29, 2008 01:23 PM

Crawfish Boil on a slightly smaller scale?


My girlfriend and I are going to be in NO from Thurs - Sun for JF. I'd like to take her to a crawfish boil done on a smaller (less touristy) scale than the scene at the jazzfest, preferably a neighborhood bar/club. Any suggestions? A guy on CL suggested Yo Mama's, but isn't that in the Quarter and touristy too? We're staying in midcity.

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  1. OK, first off, you are not looking for a crawfish boil, rather a place to buy crawfish.
    If you are staying in mid city, i would suggest K-Jeans, but not sure if they have space in there to eat the crawfish, and not sure how late they are open. There's Big Al's, which I'm sure someone on this board can give you the address for. Deanie's in the quarter or in bucktown, but they will be packed, as will most places since it is jazzfest.

    To me a crawfish boil is an event I would have at my house, invite friends over and have them hang out for hours, before, during and after the cooking of the crawfish, not so much buying crawfish at a music festival or other venue.

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    1. re: roro1831

      Yes. Thanks. Maybe I have my terms wrong. I don't want to crash some stranger's house party (okay, I'm fibbing. that would actually be AWESOME, well, not crash per se, but be randomly invited). The last time I was down there I wandered upon some bar on or just off of upper canal and they were having this picinic-like event where a caterer came in and prepared a crawfish feed for the patrons of the bar. So what I REALLY want is something along the lines of a VFW chicken BBQ, only with crawfish. Am I way off base? Was that just a lucky random occasion the last time?
      Thanks again.

      1. re: cheesecakester

        Some bars do that, one was the crescent city brewhouse in mid city that would have a crawfish boil like that every weekend, about $12 for all you could eat crawfish, sadly that bar is no longer and I don't really know of any that still do that on a regular basis.

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          Lucy's in the Warehouse District does it Sunday evenings
          Sidelines on Veterans does it Monday nights (all you can eat).
          I am pretty sure Ernst Cafe is doing some sort of order an Abita bottle and get a free tray of crawfish (I would call though).
          A bunch of places out in Metairie do it on Friday evenings.

      2. KJeans if you want to bring it home to eat it...on the corner of Carrolton and Bienville.

        The Galley on Metairie Rd. in Old Metairie (5-10 minutes from Mid City) or Bucktown area has a bunch of places.

        1. Go to Big Fisherman (seafood market) at 3301 Magazine Street, buy your crawfish then walk across the street to the Bulldog bar and enjoy them with a pitcher of cold beer in their courtyard!

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          1. re: LenNJ

            Thanks Len. Sounds like a good option. The beer looks AWESOME! But I noticed they serve food there. Will they let me bring in the mudbugs from across the street?

            1. re: cheesecakester

              I heard from a reliable source (my sis) the Bulldog does not mind. Think about it, you're eating seasoned crawfish so you will need lots of beer to wash it down. If you are uncomfortable just go in and ask first.

              1. re: cheesecakester

                That's where my BF and I enjoyed our 6lbs of crawfish and it was a truly awesome experience and yes their beer selection is great – they have a cool water fountain in their courtyard which is a copy of the lineup of all the taps at the bar but with gushing water instead. We started with a pitcher of Hoegaarden then tried a few different pints - the Rouge Hazelnut was my fave! They have really good burgers too in case you’re still hungry. We got there really early and they weren't ready to open yet, there were a number of people sitting at the little tables outside munching on their crawfish waiting to get in.

                Tip – while at Big Fisherman, pick up a cardboard box cover and plenty of newspaper to take with you otherwise you’ll be eating out of the bag.

                1. re: LenNJ

                  And practice good crawfish eating sure to wrap up your trash before depositing into the bar's receptacle. Crawfish are messy and the remains quickly start to smell.

                  1. re: Hungry Celeste

                    Zimmer's seafood at Mirabeau and St. Anthony's. Grab a six-pack of Abita, pick up the crawfish, and head out to the Lakefront.

            2. Pick up a Gambit -- I've seen various places advertise boils.