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Apr 29, 2008 12:41 PM

Where can I buy Italian Soda by the case?

I really love the blood orange and grapefruit sodas at Trader Joe's. Unfortunately, I don't have a car and find the customers at Trader Joe's (14th Street, Union Square, NYC) to be some of the rudest. I swear it is worse there than at Whole Foods or any other market I've been to. Either way when I do go I can only get as much as I can carry comfortably on the train and would love to stock up.

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  1. When I didn't have a car, I did my marketing on foot but periodically did a huge shopping for staples and took a cab home.
    That's when I loaded up on heavy/bulky things like soft drinks, toilet paper, detergent, sugar, flour, other staples and cleaning supplies, etc. All the things that are no fun to shop for anyway and are a pain to drag home because of weight or bulk.
    There are cab drivers that hang out at our store who even carry the stuff up to the door.

    You might even check the grocery delivery services to see if they have the product you want. I've used them and found it very worthwhile for staples that I hate to shop for.
    Get your soft drinks and add some nuisance items so you won't have to drag them home on the train. Make your life easier.

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      Do you have an Italian market? When I was in San Diego my friend took us to one for some hoagies for lunch. (very yummy crusty bread) She also bought their lemon and orange Italian soda for us to try since I had never had it. I myself don't care for either one but anyway, you should be able to get it at any Italian market. If that isn't possible order it online at amazon. they have bottles and cans. Might be worth a shot then you won't have to carry it on the train. It received 5 star reviews so far. Good luck!

    2. Why don't you get a little cart or use a rolling suitcase?

      1. We mostly make our own "Italian soda" I buy Monin, Torrani, and Sonoma syrups at the local gourmet store but you can mailorder them. Then you can just get whatever sparkling water you like from your regular local grocery--in NYC, one that delivers, I guess. The only other thing you need is some long-handled spoons.