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Apr 29, 2008 12:39 PM

Sitka & Spruce vs. Elemental

Tonight is my birthday, and have narrowed dinner for two to either Sitka & Spruce or Elemental. Any insight and/or menu suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I was rudely turned away from Elemental on my birthday last year, so of course I'm gonna say go to S and S.

    Sore subject.

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    1. re: allisonw

      The food is far better, more creative and ingredient focused at S&S in my opinion. But since it is your b-day, if you want a more romantic evening, the communal seating at S&S may not be your thing. Wine pairings are better at elemental. Can't really recommend menu at either b/c S&S changes daily and elemental doesn't really have one.

      Either way - you will be full and happy!

      1. re: allisonw

        I was turned away from Elemental on my birthday, too!!!! Rubbed me the wrong way too.

      2. My vote is for Elemental. I think the food is more consistent and the interior feels more 'finished.' The interior of S&S feels like they just didn't try very hard. Elemental seems like more of a special-occasion place worthy of a birthday meal.

        However, that being said, if you choose Elemental, since they don't take reservations, you really should arrive no later than 5pm to secure a table. Inconvenient, yes, but that's just how it is. You'll still have a memorable, fabulous meal.

        1. Hmmm. I've had great dinners at both places, but either way you're going to want to show up early to get a two-top. I think Elemental is more festive, what with the vast quantities of perfectly matched wine, but Sitka and Spruce has more exciting food. There are no regular menu items at either place, but I can only think of one thing I had (a duck PBJ at Elemental) that wasn't really really tasty.

          1. No comparison. Sitka and Spruce all the way.

            1. Happy birthday! Where did you go?