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Happy Hour, Margaritas

Ok, is there a happy hour place with the following elements (or maybe like, 3 out of four?)

*In the District, with Arlington as a backup
*Freshly made, yummy Margaritas
*Margaritas less than $10 (probably the least important criteria, but would be nice) on a Friday
*Outdoor seating

Any ideas? I can think of a few but everything's missing at least one element.

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  1. Hudson has a yummy sangria/margarita mix. A pitcher is around $15 for 2-3 people. Lots of fruit and a delicious citrus taste. They have outdoor seating and is in DC with HH specials on Fridays.


    This isn't a frozen margarita though, if that's what you are looking for.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      I actually prefer regular, thanks! Would have never thought of Hudson.

      1. re: bylinemjf

        Its not your traditional margarita but its still delicious.

        For frozen margaritas I like the peach one at Alero and of course there is always Lauriol Plaza but I don't know if they have HH specials at either.

      2. re: Elyssa

        I'm so pissed at this place. Today I found out they no longer make my favorite drink, the Lo-Jito.

        1. For $7 at PS7's happy hour, you can get the comme de guerre (which they call the margarita's rich cousin). They have an outdoor patio, their drinks are made with very high quality ingredients, and you can even get some of their excellent bar food cheaply.

          1. Well in back up Arlington Guajillo has margaritas (I don't know how they are made) which I believe are under $10, and it has outdoor seating, not a ton, but as much as any place in the district, except Lauriol Plaza (which I would guess would be less likely to have them made fresh).

            Guapo's in Shirlington has some outdoor seating I think? But I bet margaritas at Guajillo would be better.

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              Thought of Guajillo, one of my favorites. But I feel I had issues drinking at the patio there unless we were having dinner.

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                Yeah people might hate you a little for that. What about Los Tios or Taqueria Poblano? They have outdoor seats and I might not feel as bad just drinking there.

                I have heard PS7 is really good for drinking outside, but haven't been. Doesn't the Rio Grande in Ballston have outdoor seating? I really think they do (it is like across the street I should know) if I walk by tomm will report. I wouldn't feel bad just drinking there.

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                  Ok Rio Grande lots of outdoor seating, but I kind of doubt they don't use marg mix... but I wouldn't feel bad taking up an outside table for drinking. I think you might have to check out Los Tios though, they have lots of outdoor seating, and I think they have a better chance than Rio Grande of fresh margs. Good luck!

            2. I know its in Bethesda, but Rio Grande has the Margarita-Sangria Swirls which are killer. Is there an Arlington location? I have many a fond memories of sitting on the patio area in Bethesda.

              1. During happy hour maybe Poste, Jaleo or Circa?

                1. cafe citron? they have pitchers and regulars with happy hour specials..

                  1. Figured I'd report back. We ended up at Hudson. Their sangria / margarita mixture was delicious. We ordered pitchers of the sangria/margarita fusion which was absolutely delicious, but the service wasn't the greatest.

                    The web site kind of led me to believe that the sangria special went all night, but when we got there, we found out it only goes until 630 on the patio, 730 inside. Ok, not a huge deal, though a pretty short happy hour (and I probably misread the web site). We ordered a first pitcher at 530, a second at 6 (there were four of us - we found the pitchers actually poured 5 full glasses with all the ice, etc., rather than the 6-8 that the menu says).

                    At 620, we asked to order one more pitcher before the special ended, as we had friends on the way. The waiter told us they were out of the mixture. For it being their specialty item, we thought this was awfully early to run out (and can't they make more?), but again, not a huge deal. We said we'd take a minute and order something else off the happy hour (they have beer, wine and cocktail specials) before the happy hour ended.

                    Waiter didn't come back; we flagged him down at 630 on the dot, and really had to work for it. He says happy hour's over. We say, "We told you to come back." He's like "My manager told me I have to stop serving specials." I said, "Please go get your manager or explain to him the situation - we ordered pre-happy hour; you guys were just out of what we ordered, and then we couldn't get you again until 630). He came back and said the manager said it was fine. Yay!

                    Fast forward to 715 or so - we cash out so we can move inside and join some friends inside. Get the bill and all the drinks are full price. Grab our waiter and he acts like he almost knows what's wrong before I explain it. He takes the bill back, comes back and one of the drinks is still full price. At that point we let it go and paid the check.

                    Went inside, and the atmosphere is very nice and swanky but with the specialty cocktails at $12-14 during non-happy hour and the problematic service we had, I can't say I'll be rushing back. Maybe if my friends and I just want one drink and it's definitely before 630.

                    Thanks for the recommendation, though, Elyssa. The drinks really were delicious and the place fit our criteria! It just ended up being kind of a hassle, service-wise.