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Apr 29, 2008 12:23 PM

really good place in hudson valley?

so we've got a sitter for sunday for a few hours, and my wife and i were looking for a really good place for dinner in the hudson valley. because the sitter can be here a while, we were looking for 60-90 minutes away from poughkeepsie.

i'm looking for suggestions other than these:
basement bistro (we're still on the waiting list), blue hill (full), serevan (amenia), depuy canal house (been), new world home cooking (woodstock, been), aroma osteria (great, been) or anywhere in new paltz/kingston/rhinebeck (too close).

decor is of less importance than quality, and smaller plates are preferred over large ones.

places we're currently considering: red onion (woodstock), x2o (yonkers), madalin's table (tivoli), swoon kitchenbar (hudson). anyone else have suggestions on a top notch place?

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  1. This might fit the bill - I've never been, but a couple of my friends who are students at the CIA rave about this place and their blackened green beans...
    New World in Saugerties
    If you go, let me know how it is, I've been meaning to make it up there to try it...

    1. Can't comment on X20, but would not make a special trip to Madalin's Table, Red Onion or Swoon. All were well below expectations in every aspect. Expensive "Sysco Foodservice" kind of cusine, amateur service & most of all, not worth a drive. We're also on a waiting list for The Basement Bistro for June. It is definitely worth the wait to get in.

      1. The Iron Forge Inn in Bellvale (Warwick)

        Creative, delicious food, beautiful setting, great service. I can't recommend this place enough to anyone. It's my utmost favorite restaurant.

        1. How about John Andrews in Great Barrington? It may be a little far for you but should be worth the drive. I haven't been, it's on my list. Search this board - it is highly recommended.
          Here's a link:

          1. I have to disagree with links42. Basement Bistro is wonderful, but Madalin's Table and Swoon are IMO two of the top restaurants in Columbia/Dutchess. If John Andrew's is not too far, Swiss Hutte in Hillsdale is worth considering too. I think a problem with MT and Swoon is that the menus change often, so the dishes may be more or less exciting at one time than another, but the quality is pretty consistent. We just had dinner last Friday at MT, I had gnocchi that were exceptional, and baked escolar that was superb as well, while my partner went with more conventional choices of steamed mussels and ribs, both very good also.

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              rrems... I wish we had your experiences at the places you mentioned. But we didn't. We gave multiple chances & $$$ to let them fing their way. Columbia & Dutchess have many restaurants that are all doing basically the same thing & doing it poorly. Let's hope the next wave of places to pop up do it better!