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Apr 29, 2008 12:04 PM

Frenchmen St

Might be going to a concert Sat night so I am looking for advice on a good spot to eat, and also if anyone knows about how safe it is late night in the area. Usually by midnight - 2 AM I'm on the other side of the Quarter or out by Tip's.

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  1. Adolfo's above the Apple Barrel Bar on frenchmen. hat place is great. Get the corn and crab canneloni and the grouper with ocean sauce. you will not be dissapointed! no reservations, get their as early as you can and have a drink downstairs until the can seat you.

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    1. re: mcegielski

      I second this rec - the Apple Barrel Bar is a nice, tiny spot. Adolfo's is great.

      1. re: geegeeTX

        I heartily agree. Adolfo's is one of my favourite restaurants anywhere. The Apple Barrel is as dive a dive bar can be, but great fun and a great place to strike up conversations with complete strangers. Coco Robicheau plays there on Saturday nights starting around 10 or 11. If you want to hear deep Louisiana Blues, he's your man.

        Marigny Brasserie is also excellent.

    2. Sukho Thai is great. It is BYOB as well. It's pretty safe late night. There will be a lot of other people around.

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        North of Esplanade, keep your wits about you. That used to be a not-great area of New Orleans. South of Esplanade, it's just like anywhere else in the Quarter.

      2. FYI Adolfo's is BYO as well.
        Snug Harbor has the best burger in the city IMO.
        The nicest place on Frenchman is Marigny Brassiere.
        As long as you remain on the area of Frenchman with the bars/restaurants you will be fine safety-wise.

        dba and Spotted Cat are two great live music spots on Frenchman as well.

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        1. If you go to the Marigny Brassiere get the cucumber martini...YUM!!

          1. during jazz fest there is usually a bbq truck somewhere on frenchman's (outside dba?). that will certainly do the trick and keep the party rolling! have fun!