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Apr 29, 2008 11:32 AM

Flat Earth Baked Fruit Crisps

Okay, my first go at these lightly crisp snacks is Wild Berry Patch.
My first reaction is somewhere btwn a sweet potato chip & an ice cream cone.

Anyone else give these new snack treats a try?

"a blend of rice, potato, apple and berries."

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  1. try the apple flavored ones. the berry ones are a bit... funkier, like odd flavor w/ texture to me, but the apple ones are nice, more like apple chips.

    1. I've had the veggie crisps. They're good, but they won't hit the spot if potato chips are what you're craving.

      1. Lol -
        First time I tried those, the very first thing I thought was:
        Somebody is going to make a fortune if they make these into waffle cones for ice cream.
        "The best sugar cone you've ever had that also contains 1/2 cup of real berries."

        I've tried all flavors, and only buy the berry ones still. Nice and tangy. Different snack treat that supposedly has some nutritional value.

        1. The texture is chippy, but the flavor is too sweet. Altogether an odd combination. I wouldn't buy them again.

          1. Our family was really into these chips for about 6 months, and then burned out. Ultimately we found the veggie ones to be too salty, and the fruity ones too artificial-tasting. Now we are addicted to "Pop Chips" (no fruity varieties of that one, though). YMMV.

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              PayOr, Pop Chips remind me of these new Papadum chips. Whole Foods seems to carry most of these new chip offerings.