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Apr 29, 2008 11:31 AM

best shmura matza this year

What shmura matza did you enjoy most this year? We had the kwester matza found at glatt mart for $17.69/box and matza (do not know what brand) sold at trio gifts in highland park, nj

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  1. I baked and bought the Tiferes matzah this year , it was ok. one of my guests brought me two lbs of Charedim matzahs the last days of Pesach. withouut a doubt the Charedim matzah was the thinnest and best tasting matzah I've ever had.

    1. Without a doubt, Charadim, paper thin and crispy. Paid $16.99/lb, shlepped all the way to Boro Park from the five towns just to buy it since Gourmet Glatt did not carry it this year. Best shmura matzo this year and every year!

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        We buy Tzelem Pupa matza every year. It cost us 20 dollars at the bakery. It was definitely far better than other brands that we have tasted-thin and crispy .

      2. My parents had (as always) the Pupa matzas, which are very thin. My in-laws had Chabad matza, which I've always found thick and board-like, I suspect because they ship it world-wide to obscure places and need a product that can withstand some jostling.

        1. We bought Chabad shmurah matzah that had been made in the Ukraine. It came in a bright gold colored box, and was sold at Chabad's giftstore here in St. Louis for $18.
          It was the best shmura we have ever had, very thin, crispy, delicious, and looked like it could easily have been made a thousand years ago. At least 7 of the slices were fully intact. It looked as though the intact slices had been "topped off" with learge broken pieces to reach full weight.

          I think Chabad is the only institution helping Jews of the FSU. We were happy to support the matzah bakers of the Ukraine.

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            I'm sure that the matzoh is excellent, but there are many institutions helping Jews in the FSU. Chabad is one of many, an important one to be sure, but one of many.

          2. We were very happy with our whole wheat Kerestir matzoh. Very thin. It was a couple of dollars more than the non-whole wheat, but Pesach is hard enough on the system for some people, so the extra fiber is useful for that. It also works out that the extra fiber helps calorically, and that was worth the extra money to me. For those that think it's too expensive, I guess they can cover the difference by not buying a box of Pesach cereal or some other such junk.