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Apr 29, 2008 11:25 AM

affordable kosher wedding hall

Looking for recommendations for an affordable glatt kosher wedding hall in New York. I was recommended to Eden Palace and Concord Palace but they told me today they have a 400 person minimum!! And they were not terribly friendly on the phone. We will probably have about 200-250 people. I know there are other halls in Brooklyn, but are they as good as Eden Palace? And will they do a smaller wedding?

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    1. I recently attended a wedding at Rockwood Park Jewish Center in Howard Beach. There were about 280 people. I was told it was an "affordable place" if you can call weddings affordable! They have a website...

      1. Have you considered a hall called the Grand Orchard- part of the shul in Linden, NJ called Anshe Chesed?
        They only charge $2500 for use of all their facilities (sanctuary, ballroom etc), their place is pretty nice and you have a choice of using their glatt kosher in-house caterer or can bring in any kosher caterer of your choice.
        They specialize in weddings for under 300 people- I know cause we attended a gorgeous wedding for about 180 people.

        1. you might want to try Sands of Atlantic Beach, they have very "affordable" mid week deals.

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            The Sands is a lovely place. They do a very nice job. I've been to some nice affairs at Beth Sholom also,albeit a few years ago.

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              I went to a couple of affairs at Beth Shalom in the last few months. the people making the affairs were not people of great means leading me to believe it must have been affordable

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                Unless, of course, they went into hock to hold it there. Been done before - you know, "keep up with the Jones". Happens too many times, unfortunately, in the jewish community, that is why some rabonim tried to come up with a "takona" to bring costs in line.

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                  these were not the type of people who would go into hock to keep up with the Jones.

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                    I just called one of my friends who made a chasana there within the year. she doesn't remember the price per person, but she said it was extremely reasonable

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                      "reasonable", that is a relative term. Some people think $100/pp is reasonable. I made a wedding for my daughter in 2003 at the Eden Palace, lots of carving stations, they did a great job, cost me $46/pp. Ateres Avraham was similiar priced, but we didn't care for the chupa room. Since then they have the chupa in the main ballroom. Has the price doubled since then?

          2. contact Beth Shalom in Lawrence too