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Apr 29, 2008 11:08 AM

Let's pronounce the word Mozza.

I've had several friends pronounce this word three different ways. I'll write them out as simply as I can.

There's the popular MAH-za.

Then there's MOH-za.

And I just heard MOTE-za.

I think I know which is correct because Batali said it on the Food Network, but what do you think? :)

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  1. I think it's the last one :)

    1. I always thought that the Italian pronunciation woudl be Mot-zah.

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      1. Call them and see how they answer the phone ?

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        1. re: monku

          That's what we did for LA Mill and it's sure a quick way to get an answer.

          1. MOTE-za is correct, according to the pronunciation guide in my phrasebook.

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            1. re: Will Owen

              it's MOTE-za. In Italian, the letter "o" is generally pronounced as a long "oh" sound. So it would be Pava-ROH-ti, bis-COH-ti, etc. Americans tend to smooth it out.

              1. re: brendastarlet

                No, that is not correct. I had already posted above when I saw these replies. The o is not "oh" but closer to "aw". And don't forget the double T in Pavarotti and biscotti. And risotto.