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Apr 29, 2008 11:04 AM

San Antonio's Best

Looking for best Places to eat in San Antonio and surrounding areas (Fredricksburg). Will be there for 6 weeks, so I have pleanty of time to try different things. What are some recommendations that are not chain places? Looking for fine dinning to taco stands. Thanks,

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  1. Taco Taco for breakfast. Chris Madrid's for hamburgers. Bohanan's for steaks. Eat at Las Canarias on riverwalk or have breakfast there, hotel is called La Mansion.

    1. hey aggd,
      although frisco gave you some pretty decent suggestions to get a real san antonio experience where the food hasnt suffered from all the "hype" that has been received lately..i can recommend Ritas Fiesta Tacos on bandera rd, (great breakfast tacos) then for a Burger 1 of 2 places that i love Armadillos (Formerly Little Hipps) on McCullough and for my 2nd choice is a place called The Lords Kitchen! located off of !h-35 and New Braunfels...anyone around there can guide you near the railroad tracks and finally for a nice chicken fried steak a place called Dewese's Tip Top Cafe on Fredricksburg Rd. i hope you like my suggestions and im sure someone will agree on my choices for you! i have plenty more..

      1. Has anyone tried Le Reve, I've read alot of good reviews, and the chef seems extreamly talented? Ritas Fiesta Tacos was the one I was looking for. I seen the place on the travel channel a few weeks ago, but could not remember the name. Thanks,

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          I've been to Le Reve several times and it is superb. If I could only go to one restaurant in Texas, this would be the one. If you're interested, do a search of this board (Texas) for "le reve" and you will find all you need.

        2. If you want fantsypants, do Sandbar, Bohanon's, etc. If you want puro San Antonio, I'd suggest getting a ride and driving up Fredericksburg. Also, Bin 555.

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            I've only been here a bit over a year but these places had the best food in my opinion:

            Liberty Bar
            Biga on the Banks
            Fig Tree
            La Frite
            The Palm
            Buffet at Oro (I had been before and it was mediocre but last Sunday it was fantastic)
            Houston Street Bistro

            1. re: bronwen

              We lived in San Antonio for 8 years and there are some good places on your list but I must add a few:

              Chester's Old Fashion Hamburgers (best in Texas)
              Alamo Cafe (an institution)
              Brown's Cafe (best enchiladas known to man)
              Karam's (great mexican food a local favorite)
              Jim's (several locations around the city, great for late night or breakfast)

              1. re: burgerhound

                I'm sorry. I couldn't let this one go. I know everybody has different tastes... but...

                jim's? really? jim's is one step down from denny's. I don't care if it's 2 in the morning, there are better places. I'm not a hgue mi tierra fan, but that's light years better than jim's.

                and alamo cafe? I've tried to give this place a couple of tries, but each time, I've been physically ill afterward. Their tortillas are god aweful.

                I hate to be repetitive but:

                Le Reve
                Liberty Bar
                La fonda on main
                El Mirasol
                Ciao lavendaria (or anythign chef watel does)
                Bistro thyme
                La Frite
                taco taco for breakfast
                el jaro for maria's tortillas
                paseno's for shrimp paseno
                The lodge at castle hills
                las canarias
                bin 555
                and, pesca

                1. re: radiowh0re

                  Well, personally I don't see anything wrong with Denny's but Jim's was a hang out for a bunch of us when I was in school so I guess it has a special place. I would suggest that you are in the minority if you do not like Alamo Cafe, it has been a San Antonio institution for years and they make the tortillas to order.

                  I guess we don't have the same taste.

          2. Jim's is not HORRIBLE for a late night breakfast, but there are better places.
            -Lulu's Jailhouse Cafe (moved to Main) is an amazing 24 hour diner, with the biggest cinnamon rolls you have ever seen in your life (3 1/2 lbs.). And, unlike Jim's, it has that authentic "diner" feel (nothing beats sitting at the counter during their lunch rush), because it's not a chain.
            -I also second whoever said Taco Taco for breakfast.
            -I would also recommend Justin's on Main, for freshly made ice cream,gelato, and coffee. It was on the Riverwalk for 25 years, but they lost their contract to a chain restaurant (Boo!), so they relocated. The owner is almost always there, making gelato or giving you all the free samples you want. I think it definitely captures the feeling of "Puro San Antonio"

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              Thanks for the help fellow foodies.