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Apr 29, 2008 10:53 AM

Dinner near Newton-Wellesley Hospital

My brother and his wife just had their first child (it's a girl!) and my parents are coming up to visit tonight. Any good post-visit dinner options in the area? Preferably without a reservation... who knows how long doting grandparents and aunt will want the visit to last.

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  1. Very close to Newton Wellesley is Kouzina, owners Greek and French- not typical Greek food- wonderful food, cozy place, nice owners, beer and wine license. Take Beacon Street from Route 16 about 2 miles to Waban Center- Kouzina is on the left as you enter the center.

    1. My first thought is Kouzina just around the corner on Beacon Street in the Waban section of Newton. If you were looking for something a bit more casual you could try Barry's Deli also in Waban (I believe they serve dinner during the week) or also Blue Ribbon BBQ on route 16 in West Newton.

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        Blue Ribbon is also a great take-out place, once the new family is home and the parents are too tired to cook. Not much atmosphere for dining in, but good BBQ and plenty of it. Huge portions!

      2. On Rt. 16, just over the highway and into Wellesley is a Papa Razzi, if that suits.

        1. If you want something really nice, head down Rt 16 (hospital is on Rt 16) towards Newton and go to Lumiere in West Newton right near police station and across from West Newton Cinema. On a Tuesday, you shouldn't need reservations anywhere and you are only about 5 minutes from there. In the opposite direction on Rt 16, there are a couple of restaurants in Wellesley Lower Falls, about a 3 minute drive to Papa Razzi, an average Italian chain restaurant, or CK Shanghai, a pretty good Chinese restaurant.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions! Kouzina sounds like it would fit the bill for tonight. I've been wanting to try Lumiere but I have a feeling my parents will want something more casual tonight. I'm sure they will be up here a lot now so eventually we will get there.

            Once brother, wife, and baby come home I will definitely bring them some Blue Ribbon. I know they are big fans. (So am I).

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              First of all, congratulations on your new niece!

              I would recommend Vela Restaurant @ 312 Washington Street (Route 16) in Wellesley. Its just two miles from the hospital. The website is They have an extensive menu and the food is excellent. I don't think that there would be any problem at all getting a table on a Tuesday night without a reservation.