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SF Giants Ballpark Food

sanbut Apr 29, 2008 10:46 AM

I am going to a Giants game for the first time tomorrow. Any opinions on the best ballpark food vendors?

  1. RWCFoodie Apr 29, 2008 12:22 PM


    1. KillaPanda Apr 29, 2008 03:55 PM

      One thing I didn't see on the link was the Irish Nachos at Murphs. Basically chili cheese fries but are pretty darn good, don't forget the fork. And the bratwurst stands behind sec. 104/105 and behind sec 133 areas. Load em up with grilled onions, sauerkraut and bbq sause, mmm mm tasty worth every penny.

      1. n
        Nancy Berry Apr 29, 2008 06:56 PM

        This year there's another Orlando's on the View Reserve level. They now sell a pork adobado bowl in addition to the Cha Cha Bowl. It's very good. They also sell the Baby Bull tri-tip sandwich. In the same area (near the elevators) are a California Cookout and a Carvery. California Cookout sells freshly grilled hamburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and really nice (and big) grilled kielbasa, pepper, and onion sandwiches. The Carvery sells pulled pork sandwiches from Willie McCovey's Restaurant, freshly sliced brisket sandwiches, and freshly sliced turkey breast sandwiches. They come with good cole slaw. One of these stands (I forget which) also sells a Hebrew National chili dog and you can also get chowder or chili in a bread bowl in the same general area of View Reserve. And, as I mentioned in another post, you can now buy very good fried chicken just across the street from the park at the Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken/Happy Donuts place on the corner of 3rd and King. Remember, you're allowed to bring food into AT&T Park. You don't have to hide it -- just have drinks in plastic, no cans or glass bottles (and no alcohol -- you have to buy that in the park.)

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        1. re: Nancy Berry
          yimster May 13, 2008 03:34 PM

          Thanks for the tip on Louisiana Fried Chicken/Happy Donuts for chicken. We had it last night for dinner. Much better than most food available in the park.

          We had the #4 combo. One breast, leg and wing with one side and 16oz drink, for 6.75.

          The chicken was moist and just spicy enough for me but the boys had hot sauce on the side. Mac and chesse was great the dirty rice was Uncle Ben rice and hamburger (not as good as popeye's).

          Will return next time we are at the park.

          The best part was as we walk to the happy donuts was the boys talking to themselves "Dad out of his mind, it's a donut shop".

          It was so filling that we did not even order the garlic fries. The smell was great but we were too full.

          Thanks Nancy.

          1. re: Nancy Berry
            RWCFoodie Jun 20, 2008 05:40 PM

            Nancy, thanks for the heads up on the Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken - we went to the game on Weds. (horrid game) - stopped at LFFC before - I think we got the #5 combo - 2 legs (I think it was supposed to be 1 leg), 1 thigh, 1 wing and half breast with Cajun French Fries as the side, fluffy biscuit and a soda - the guys behind the counter were hilarious!

            I think the combo was maybe $8 something plus tax - my change was about $1.25 so I threw it into the tip jar!!! I picked up a hot sauce - seemed like maybe diluted Crystal - chicken was delish, biscuit was the lightest, should have asked for the fries extra crispy (they made them to order for us...). All in all, a very tasty meal for $10.00 - a bargain compared with the ballpark chow... and it was good! Thanks again for telling us about this!

            1. re: Nancy Berry
              wolfe Aug 1, 2009 02:06 PM

              That's not the place Dirty Harry almost had his day made, is it?

              1. re: wolfe
                chipman Aug 1, 2009 02:46 PM

                No, the Dirty Harry place was the old hamburger joint one or two blocks up third. I can't remember what is there now though.

            2. b
              Beach Chick Apr 29, 2008 07:24 PM

              Being a Padres fan and going up to SF to see them play is great but its really for the ballpark food & SF..
              It's so nice to have quality beer/wine/food at the ballpark...love the garlic fries...food overall is some of the best..good bbq under the coke sign.
              SF fans are really great as well.
              Have a great time sanbut and try and get to Lefty O'Doul's across from St. Francis Hotel in Union Square..big hangout for the players and its a classic bar with food and one of the best piano bar!

              1. a
                anoetzel Apr 29, 2008 07:38 PM

                Since no one has mentioned this in this post or previous, from what I can see, I have to throw in my vote for the classics: a good old hot dog or brattwurst. No, not the ones rotating under hot lights. Instead look for the free-standing grills around the park grilling up Giants dogs, brattwurst and polish sausages (also grilled onions and kraut available.) The lines get long but they move fast. While others have mentioned the "good stuff" available, to me there is nothing better than a grilled bratt with a beer ($9.25, ouch!) at the yard. Bring your own David's sunflower seeds and you're set!

                1. l
                  lamster May 14, 2008 10:05 AM

                  I agree with all the above posts but I thought I'd add some more suggestions. I love the Sheboygans (kinda like a brattwurst but not) and the chocolate sundaes. Don't buy the churros - they're horrible. Cold and soggy. Never crunchy.

                  1. d
                    DavidT Jun 20, 2008 08:22 PM

                    There was a article a week or two ago in the NY Times about food at ballparks around the country. The food at the Giants ballpark was very favorably reviewed and rated among the best of all the ballparks. You can likely find the article on the NY Times website. Search 'AT&T Park' at:


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                    1. re: DavidT
                      NoeMan Jul 31, 2009 09:32 PM


                    2. t
                      thecook99 Jul 31, 2009 07:49 PM

                      I know this might be heresy, especially since they were introduced to the ballpark-going world at PacBell Park (the name we true fans will always call AT&T Park) but IMHO the garlic fries might be the single worst--and most overhyped--food item there, They're usually only slightly more crispy than mashed potatoes and and slightly less greasy than my crankcase. The raw garlic is usually bitter and there's this wierd lump of limp, soggy parsley in such thick wads you'd think you were being served a bolt of oshitashi at a prison cafeteria. My advice to try any of the other non-typical food items (three cheers for the ChaCha Bowl) and, after the game, satisfy your garlic fry jones around the corner at the local Gordon Biersch Brewery.

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                      1. re: thecook99
                        sfbing Aug 1, 2009 12:24 AM

                        I think garlic fry quality depends heavily on the individual stands. Haven't had them in awhile, but I've thought the concession stand at homeplate was way better than the one in the bleachers. The fries (and food in general) in view reserved tends to be a bit cold and soggy, simply because it is so cold and windy up there. Also, I feel that this year, food quality overall has declined at the ballpark. The brats are still the same, but the cha cha bowl looks like it was cut and assembled by a robot. Also, why did they take away my baby bull sandwich?

                        1. re: sfbing
                          Nancy Berry Aug 1, 2009 11:47 AM

                          The Cha Cha Bowl is no longer made by Compadre's. The standard caterer for the Giants took over the stand and no longer makes either the Baby Bull sandwich or the Adobo Pork Cha Cha Bowl.

                          1. re: Nancy Berry
                            RWCFoodie Aug 2, 2009 03:22 PM

                            So that's what happened to the Cha Cha Bowl... it used to be my favorite ballpark food but that changed last year.

                            Thanks again for your tip last year on the Louisiana fried chicken; prices have gone up but we still enjoyed it earlier this season. Total guilty pleasure!

                            Plus I really like the potato chips at Acme Chop House. We usually meet friends for a Bloody Mary before the game and those chips ($3.00/bag) are a good accompaniment!

                            1. re: RWCFoodie
                              susancinsf Aug 2, 2009 05:32 PM

                              I also am sorry to hear about the Cha-Cha bowl.

                              We were at the park today and I noticed that Tres Agaves has a stand there now...on the third base side, downstairs. Has anyone tried it? (we brought our lunch with us today, or I might have had something to report.)

                              1. re: susancinsf
                                sfbing Aug 2, 2009 06:28 PM

                                I thought the tacos were pretty good--the pork ones were actually spicy with a strong note of epazote. I haven't tried the bacon dogs yet though (because you have to walk past a brat stand before you get to tres agaves).

                                Also good and generous are the fish and chips at the Irish place nearby.

                                1. re: sfbing
                                  Mari Aug 3, 2009 09:07 AM

                                  Interesting - I had the opposite experience at Tres Agaves last week so maybe it was an off day. I ordered the three tacos and the tortillas were cold and hard. The pork and chicken were flavorless and needed salt. Also, I asked them to put some of the cheese for nachos on the chips and they did, but the cheese was also flavorless. I also found the jalapenos a bit weird - I think they might be marinated or pickled with tequila but it just didn't work for me. They are efficient though in getting orders out quickly.

                                2. re: susancinsf
                                  Nancy Berry Aug 3, 2009 09:22 AM

                                  Tres Agave also has a stand at the nice food court on the view level just over home plate and near the elevator (and ATM.) They serve Mexican hot dogs, a tres nachos plate, nachos borrachas, a tres tacos plate (three different kinds) and a tres tamales plate. You can also get Hebrew National hot dogs and chili dogs, hand carved brisket or turkey breast sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches topped with cole slaw , Sheboygan brats or 1/2 lb. Kielbasa on good rolls (with sauerkraut, onions and peppers,) in that area. Also, some of the regular hot dog stands on the view level have recently added Vanilla It's-Its to their ice cream menu..

                              2. re: Nancy Berry
                                contemporaryscarlett Aug 3, 2009 12:23 PM

                                This is going to break my husband's heart. He has talked nonstop about how excited he is about Cha Cha bowls during our upcoming trip. I'm not going to tell him it changed, and hope that his happy memories will cover any new shortcomings.

                            2. re: thecook99
                              BernalKC Aug 1, 2009 12:34 PM

                              There may be some variation from stand to stand, basket to basket... there's even variation within each basket. But cook99 hits the nail on the head, IMO. Those garlic fries may be tasty in a masochistic way -- and much more tolerable with a beer. But they are gross.

                              1. re: thecook99
                                RWCFoodie Aug 2, 2009 03:19 PM

                                Totally agree re the garlic fries. Love garlic and use lots of it in my cooking but those fries are really inedible for me...

                              2. Robert Lauriston Aug 1, 2009 04:51 PM

                                There are some stands on the west side of the top deck that have different and better food and beer than most of the concession stands. E.g. one place has Guinness.

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                                1. re: Robert Lauriston
                                  Calvinist Aug 3, 2009 12:28 PM

                                  The Guinness at Murph's Pub is the best beer in the park. It's from a keg (not a bottle) and the two I had Saturday were nice and creamy. Fish and Chips from the same stand were decent as well.

                                2. Shane Greenwood Aug 3, 2009 06:16 AM

                                  This quote is from Chris Cosentino in the current issue of Bicycling Magazine (he is this issue's guest chef):

                                  "Inglis is building us a hot-dog bike with a warming chamber so we can serve Boccalone hot dogs at the ballpark."

                                  Has anyone seen the bike out there yet?

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                                  1. re: Shane Greenwood
                                    poulet_roti Aug 3, 2009 07:54 AM

                                    As somebody mentioned above, the Giants dogs and Sheboygan brats from the vendors that are cooking them on a griddle are probably the best at the yard. The Giants dog is also probably the best value in the park at $4.00 or $4.50.

                                    Best to avoid the garlic fries - bad concept and worse execution.

                                    1. re: poulet_roti
                                      Shane Greenwood Aug 3, 2009 08:38 AM

                                      Yeah, those (and the Hebrew National) are the best offered to date. But I'd bet you a hot dog that once Chris Cosentino shows up with his Boccalone dogs, there'll be a new top dog.

                                      Anybody know if he's there yet? I sent him a note to find out but haven't heard back yet.

                                      1. re: Shane Greenwood
                                        Robert Lauriston Aug 3, 2009 08:51 AM

                                        Nothing about it on the Twitter feed (the Salumi Cycle is cold sandwiches):


                                        1. re: Robert Lauriston
                                          Shane Greenwood Aug 3, 2009 09:46 AM

                                          Yeah, I don't think he's talking about the salumi cycle, sounds like the hot dog bike is something new. Must be up and comming. I'll post back if I get a reply from the chef.

                                          1. re: Shane Greenwood
                                            dartinbout Aug 3, 2009 03:24 PM

                                            My favorite is the Murph's on the club level, where they serve corned beef brisket on marble rye, and the Guinness is as good as you can get in SF. It's a shame
                                            the CB isn't served on the cheaper levels though.

                                            1. re: Shane Greenwood
                                              Shane Greenwood Aug 7, 2009 07:54 PM

                                              @offalchris wrote this today:

                                              Noon at 3rd & King in front ball park. Prosciutto Cotto, provolone and mustard $7, Lard Cookies $3, Cucumber Soda $3 (via @boccalone)

                                          2. re: Shane Greenwood
                                            poulet_roti Aug 11, 2009 07:45 PM

                                            I hope you're right, but I rather doubt it. I have tried many Boccalone products, and while some are winners, others just plain miss the boat. Mark my words, it will probably have some sweet flavor of brown sugar, cinnamon, allspice or something similar which completely misses the boat.

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