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Apr 29, 2008 10:46 AM

SF Giants Ballpark Food

I am going to a Giants game for the first time tomorrow. Any opinions on the best ballpark food vendors?

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    1. One thing I didn't see on the link was the Irish Nachos at Murphs. Basically chili cheese fries but are pretty darn good, don't forget the fork. And the bratwurst stands behind sec. 104/105 and behind sec 133 areas. Load em up with grilled onions, sauerkraut and bbq sause, mmm mm tasty worth every penny.

      1. This year there's another Orlando's on the View Reserve level. They now sell a pork adobado bowl in addition to the Cha Cha Bowl. It's very good. They also sell the Baby Bull tri-tip sandwich. In the same area (near the elevators) are a California Cookout and a Carvery. California Cookout sells freshly grilled hamburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and really nice (and big) grilled kielbasa, pepper, and onion sandwiches. The Carvery sells pulled pork sandwiches from Willie McCovey's Restaurant, freshly sliced brisket sandwiches, and freshly sliced turkey breast sandwiches. They come with good cole slaw. One of these stands (I forget which) also sells a Hebrew National chili dog and you can also get chowder or chili in a bread bowl in the same general area of View Reserve. And, as I mentioned in another post, you can now buy very good fried chicken just across the street from the park at the Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken/Happy Donuts place on the corner of 3rd and King. Remember, you're allowed to bring food into AT&T Park. You don't have to hide it -- just have drinks in plastic, no cans or glass bottles (and no alcohol -- you have to buy that in the park.)

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          Thanks for the tip on Louisiana Fried Chicken/Happy Donuts for chicken. We had it last night for dinner. Much better than most food available in the park.

          We had the #4 combo. One breast, leg and wing with one side and 16oz drink, for 6.75.

          The chicken was moist and just spicy enough for me but the boys had hot sauce on the side. Mac and chesse was great the dirty rice was Uncle Ben rice and hamburger (not as good as popeye's).

          Will return next time we are at the park.

          The best part was as we walk to the happy donuts was the boys talking to themselves "Dad out of his mind, it's a donut shop".

          It was so filling that we did not even order the garlic fries. The smell was great but we were too full.

          Thanks Nancy.

          1. re: Nancy Berry

            Nancy, thanks for the heads up on the Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken - we went to the game on Weds. (horrid game) - stopped at LFFC before - I think we got the #5 combo - 2 legs (I think it was supposed to be 1 leg), 1 thigh, 1 wing and half breast with Cajun French Fries as the side, fluffy biscuit and a soda - the guys behind the counter were hilarious!

            I think the combo was maybe $8 something plus tax - my change was about $1.25 so I threw it into the tip jar!!! I picked up a hot sauce - seemed like maybe diluted Crystal - chicken was delish, biscuit was the lightest, should have asked for the fries extra crispy (they made them to order for us...). All in all, a very tasty meal for $10.00 - a bargain compared with the ballpark chow... and it was good! Thanks again for telling us about this!

            1. re: Nancy Berry

              That's not the place Dirty Harry almost had his day made, is it?

              1. re: wolfe

                No, the Dirty Harry place was the old hamburger joint one or two blocks up third. I can't remember what is there now though.

            2. Being a Padres fan and going up to SF to see them play is great but its really for the ballpark food & SF..
              It's so nice to have quality beer/wine/food at the the garlic overall is some of the best..good bbq under the coke sign.
              SF fans are really great as well.
              Have a great time sanbut and try and get to Lefty O'Doul's across from St. Francis Hotel in Union Square..big hangout for the players and its a classic bar with food and one of the best piano bar!

              1. Since no one has mentioned this in this post or previous, from what I can see, I have to throw in my vote for the classics: a good old hot dog or brattwurst. No, not the ones rotating under hot lights. Instead look for the free-standing grills around the park grilling up Giants dogs, brattwurst and polish sausages (also grilled onions and kraut available.) The lines get long but they move fast. While others have mentioned the "good stuff" available, to me there is nothing better than a grilled bratt with a beer ($9.25, ouch!) at the yard. Bring your own David's sunflower seeds and you're set!