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Apr 29, 2008 10:40 AM

Homemade "Maraschino" Cherries for my Manhattan

Just finished the jar of store bought Maraschino cherries, but I'd like to make my own now. I'm not looking to replicate the Maraschino, I just want a good tasting cherry for my Manhattan. I have a bottle of Cherry Heering, and a bag of frozen "Dark Sweet Cherries". Can I just put them together? Add some Almond extract? Any better ideas? Thanks.

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  1. They are easy and delicious to make on your own—you'll never go back to neon red store-bought cherries again.

    Maraschino liqueur would be the traditional mixer, but Cherry Heering should fit the bill: combine cherries & liqueur in a mason jar and store up one month in the fridge. Warning: since there's no added sugar and more alcohol than in grocery store cherries, these pack a punch.

    There's also a different, more sweet, brandied cherries recipe on our site:

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    1. When they're in season, I load up on fresh sour cherries, pit them, and steep them in maraschino liqueur. I've kept them in the fridge for months and they're just fine. I've also put up regular sweet cherries in bourbon, but sweet cherries--for some reason--swell and discolor in a way that the sour cherries don't. And IMHO they aren't as good as the sour ones in a Manhattan.

        1. Here's a recipe for bourbon-soaked cherries, that starts with dried cherries, which might give it a nice deep flavor vs. the sweet funky cherries you get pre-packed in the store:

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