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Apr 29, 2008 10:37 AM

KC - YJ's Snack Bar

Anyone know anything about this place? It's been featured on a FoodTV show...Diners, Drive-ins, and something else. Anyhow, wondered if it was worth trying. Looks like it's on 18th.

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  1. I went for lunch last week--after watching Diners Dives and Drive-Ins. I had dirty rice and it was pretty good, the pico de gallo served on the side was very fresh and very tasty. I think it's worth it to try it out.

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      That place is diiiiiiirrrrrrrttttty.

    2. i love love love yj's. their brunch on the weekends is great, and the friday night "home cookin'" comfort food is delicious. plus, being open all night friday and saturday provides breakfast smells late instead of early. wonderful.

      1. I seem to go on Sat. mornings when it's less busy (9ish a.m.). Both Saturdays have been a Mexican breafast. Coffee is hot, chorizo is good, and it's nice to sit on the sidewalk.
        I'm going for lunch today - I will report back!

        1. went today and it was busy! Had the meatloaf sandwich. Friend had tuna salad sandwich and chicken soup. The cookies looked super good.
          Lots of folks eating "leftovers" -- from their soul food dinner. mac & cheese and greens...

          1. I just stopped and got some very yummy b&g to go. Cornmeal biscuits, chorizo cream gravy. MM-mm.