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Apr 29, 2008 10:36 AM

leftover sauteed bok choy: thoughts for an encore performance?

hello friends!

i've got about 1.5 lbs of leftover bok choy and sliced snow peas, which i had sauteed in ginger, garlic, red pepper flakes, and white wine last night (served w/brown rice and seared tuna).

the veggies are a bit soggy to serve simply reheated on their own tonight, so i'd like to come up with a creative way to repurpose them in tonight's dinner.

any thoughts would be appreciated!


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  1. What about chopping it all up, mixing with some tofu and/or ground pork, and folding them up in wonton wrappers to make dumplings?

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      That's a good idea.

      This is what I usually do with vegetable leftovers -- make bi bim bap. Or do a variation where I top off some rice with vegetables, add a sunnyside up fried egg and sprinkle with tamari, sesame oil, white pepper and sriracha.

      1. re: katecm

        Sounds like you had a great dinner last night, carignane.

        Katecm said exactly what I was going to say (and what I had for lunch today):

        I wrapped my shiitake red pepper edamame broccoli stir fry leftovers in one of these nice flax seed whole grain wraps i found at the grocery store. I added some veggie burger in there and ate with a snow pea sea bean white asparagus salad. It was great.

        You could also mix into a soba noodle dish or serve in a light broth with farro or pearl barley as a soup.

      2. I'd stir fry it to reheat and add eggs to make a scramble idea. If you have shrimp, add that in, too.

        1. I had the same situation last week, except no snow peas. I drained and chopped up the bok choy and put it in some fried rice, with extra garlic, onions and pepper. It was pretty darn good; but then I like bok choy in just about anything. It would probably be even better with the snow peas, though.

          1. Thanks, everyone! I ended up draining and chopping the bok choy with the intent of using it as dumpling filling with some tofu, but the whole thing still felt very wet. So I nixed the tofu, mixed in some leftover cooked brown rice instead, and made the dumplings! I served them with some baked Chinese 5-spice chicken thighs for protein. (My boyfriend is a triathlete so dinner must necessarily include protein.)

            I still have a pretty decently-sized bowl of dumpling filling, so I think I'm going to have fried rice for lunch and hopefully put an end to the bok choy! :)